Hillary '16 Campaign Off to Excellent Start

Don't let anyone argue that if she were the Democrats' nominee, Republicans would be really mean.

IRS "Scandal" Turning Out to be Less Dastardly than Conservatives Think

More details show that this is incompetence, not malice.

Face It: You're Crazy (But So Is Everyone Else)

Critics fear the newest edition of psychiatry's diagnostic manual will turn us into a nation of overmedicated zombies. But the truth is mental illness is far more common than we realize.

Conservatives Shift Gears on IRS

Since people can't really relate to having your 501(c)(4) application delayed, they're trying something new: claiming that conservatives are getting audited by the IRS. Who cares whether it's true?

Virginia GOP Says YOLO, Nominates Most Conservative Ticket Ever

Virginia Republicans have placed Ken Cuccinelli at the top of the ticket, with a running mate who might be even further to the right.

A Devil of a Problem for Labor in the City of Angels

Los Angeles has the nation’s smartest, most successful union movement. So why is it coming out of tomorrow’s mayoral election so banged up?

The Military's Suicide Scandal

It’s time for the top brass to stop feigning surprise and start addressing the mounting mental-health epidemic. 

Big Brother Is You, Watching

Google Glass is coming, and it's raising some new privacy concerns.

Doesn't Anybody Here Know How to Run a Conspiracy?

The altered Benghazi emails are another reminder that in politics, no one is half as clever as they think they are.

A Few Words about Angelina Jolie's Breasts

Last thoughts on the celebrity's op-ed in The New York Times this week

Pakistan's Industry of Violence

In the wake of election violence, one reporter explores the country's acceptance of its bloody everyday—and how different it is from the United States' reaction to bloodshed

How to Stop the Next IRS Scandal

The problem is not that the federal tax agency used political criteria to scrutinize groups. It's that it shouldn't be vetting political organizations at all.

Food Stamps Get Licked by Cuts

Will go hungry for deficit reduction

Virginia Is More Moderate, But It Doesn't Help McAuliffe

The voters who are most likely to vote in this year's gubernatorial election are Republicans.

President Obama Will Not Be "Going Bulworth"

If speaking brutal truths to the American public worked, politicians would do it all the time.