Is Another Youth Rebellion in the Making?

It’s been half a century since young people around the world asserted that the times were “a-changin’.” Could another youth rebellion be in the making?

Abortion Access, the Supreme Court, and a Troubling Case of Déjà Vu

Planned Parenthood’s new petition for high court review involves a state restriction on medication abortion nearly identical to one the nation’s top court ruled unconstitutional in 2016.

One Year Later, Trump’s Promise to American Steel Workers Is Unfulfilled

With a deadline looming, pressure mounts on the president to make good on his campaign promise to curb Chinese steel dumping. 

Abusing Drugs

How CVS uses its market power to destroy competing independent pharmacies.

Jeff Sessions Is Just Getting Started on Deporting More Immigrants

He’s speeding up their hearings, and if that leads to expelling exemplary immigrants on whose paperwork the government is sitting—well, that’s tough.

Davos Man

We can only imagine what Donald Trump will say when he addresses the World Economic Forum at the elite ski resort.

The Shutdown Will End, But the Divisions Will Remain

It's not just about who gets to be an American, but what America is.

Amazon, City Killer?

Amazon has whittled down the list of contenders for its second headquarters. Are those metropolitan areas ready for seismic socioeconomic upheaval?

For Banks, Double the Trickle-Down Delight

Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation are a bonanza for Wall Street.

America in the Age of Shitholiness

We’ve entered a new era—and it’s not just our language that has changed.

How Do You Say Shithole in Norwegian?

Norway, like the U.S., is currently facing a serious backlash against immigration.

In Two-State, One-State, No-State, Two Is Still the Magic Number

Trump is helping Netanyahu in making a two-state agreement harder to achieve. Neither despair nor a one-state fantasy is a reasonable liberal response.

The Russia Scandal Is Looking More Like Watergate All the Time

Like Trump, Nixon retained the support of most Republicans as the scandal unfolded. 

Should Democrats Hope that Joe Arpaio Wins Arizona’s GOP Nomination for Senate?

Will the retired sheriff’s candidacy put the Grand Canyon State in play?

What Cities Can Learn from Houston Metro’s Hurricane Harvey Experience

The city’s bus and light rail network got through Harvey mostly unscathed because officials improvised—and learned lessons from previous storms.