No, Trump’s Address to Congress Wasn’t ‘Presidential’

Absent his standard percussive delivery, Trump’s hateful rhetoric is even more dangerous.

Trump’s All-Too-Powerful Surveillance Infrastructure

President Trump’s penchant for naming “enemies” echoes Richard Nixon’s, with one difference: Trump has a much bigger treasure trove of personal data at his disposal.

Trump’s Hiring Freeze Puts Veterans Out of Work

President Trump’s across-the-board federal hiring freeze is particularly damaging to veterans, who rely heavily on the government for jobs once they leave military service.

Why American Democracy Will Hold

If Republicans are shamed into remembering true conservative values, this terrible time for America will be cut short.

A Solution for GOP Climate Denial

A gradual carbon tax proposal by the Climate Leadership Council is conservative, practical and long overdue.

The Democratic Party Gets Up Off the Mat

To leftists angry about Keith Ellison not being the party's next chair: Give me a break.

Hidden in the Algorithms

A new book argues that data science may serve to reinforce inequality. 

Amid ACA Debate, Maine Inches Closer to Expanding Medicaid

If state lawmakers fail to act, Mainers will vote in November on whether to expand coverage for low-income people.

An American Reichstag Fire?

February 27 is the anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Reichstag and gave Hitler a pretext to seize total power. How strong are America's firebreaks?

How the Democrats Can Hijack the Tax Reform Debate

Just in case they want an economic policy, here’s one they can win on.

Trump’s Get-Rich-Quick Presidency

President Trump’s business conflicts and tendency to treat the presidency as a cash machine have drawn fresh scrutiny in light of the Russia scandal.

Decoding the Doublespeak of FCC Chairman Pai

Donald Trump’s new Federal Communications Commission chairman is taking direct aim at fair and affordable internet access.

Kevin Brady: Trickle Downer of the Week

The House Ways and Means chair wants American consumers to pay for massive corporate tax cuts. 

Milo and the Moral Corruption of the Conservative Movement

He may not be an ideological conservative, but the movement created him. Now it must own him and the hatred he spews.

D.C. Charter Teachers Seek to Unionize

If the Paul Public Charter School teachers succeed, they’d be the first unionized charter employees in the nation’s capital.