Republicans Have No Choice But to Repeal Obamacare -- No Matter the Cost

After feeding their base's anger for so long, the new Congress has to deliver.

How Dwindling Union Power Helped Usher In Trump

Donald Trump swept the Rust Belt in part because labor unions are in retreat, a trend that started long before Election Day.

Rising Inequality Is Far From Inevitable

The idea that the appalling income distribution is the result of the new, global, high-tech economy is convenient nonsense. It’s politics, stupid.

Best of the Prospect 2016

After a year that left progressives reeling, The American Prospect looks back at our most important stories of 2016.

A Sacred Populist: Pope Francis Shakes Up His Church

Pope Francis has outraged conservatives and liberals alike in the Catholic hierarchy, but his populist message is in step with his politically turbulent times.

North Carolina on the Brink: Repeal of Anti-Transgender Bill Falls Flat

In North Carolina, which has become ground zero in the fight over LGBTQ rights, a special legislative session to repeal the state’s House Bill 2 devolved into name-calling and hostile stalemate.

Is Minnesota the Next Target for GOP Wage Suppression Laws?

A conservative ALEC legislator threatens to block local minimum-wage hikes.

What Economists Learned in 2016 -- Long After Everyone Else

The trade deals they shilled for didn’t work out all that well.

Combating Wage Theft under Donald Trump

For now, it will be up to states and cities to protect workers.

As Trump Builds His Oligarchy, America Goes to Sleep

The nation is weary from a hellish campaign and fear of its outcome. But if there was ever a time to wake up, it’s now.

Larry Kudlow: Trickle Downer of the Week

Trump may tap cable news’ most diehard devotee of supply-side policy as his top economic adviser, cementing his administration’s adherence to a malicious scheme. 

Public Infrastructure as Stealth Privatization

Trump’s infrastructure plans could raise costs, enrich financiers, and fleece the public.

What Workers -- Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian -- Need

And what Democrats need to do if they’re to win elections

Will GOP Power Seizure in North Carolina Become National Model?

A bid by North Carolina’s GOP-controlled legislature to strip power from the state’s incoming Democratic governor has prompted another round of progressive protests and civil disobedience.

Trump and Trade: A Plus for American Workers?

As Trump postures tougher on trade, we need to keep focused on the net impact of all of his policies on workers.