Long Live the Kludge

Sure, we could have a more efficient government if we got rid of those pesky checks and balances. But we’d have to give up the citizen efficacy that is our Constitution’s enduring special sauce.

Why Are Police Shootings of Innocents on the Rise?

Budget shortfalls have left police departments without the funds to properly train officers on using their firearms.

Soul Food's Contested History

Does a new account with recipes get it right?

Oklahoma's Abortion Battle Goes National

The Supreme Court will decide whether a law that bans the abortion pill is constitutional.

Super Sad Spy Story

How the NSA’s surveillance state could define Obama’s presidency

A Good Men’s Rights Movement Is Hard to Find

How the rise of men's rights activists is hurting women—and men

Four Reasons We Don’t Need to Count Down to a January Shutdown

Ted Cruz is threatening to court government meltdown when we hit the next budget deadline next year. Here’s why it’s unlikely to happen.

The Evangelist

Jim Gilliam of NationBuilder says his software will "democratize democracy." So why do many of his progressive friends consider him a traitor? 

Dave Bing’s Detroit

What mark did the current mayor leave on the bankrupt city?

Pandora's Box

How do we harness the power of 3-D printing while protecting ourselves from its dark side?

Myth Buster: Latinos Are Not "Natural Conservatives"

A recent poll suggests Republicans' problems with Hispanics are more fundamental than branding.

John Boehner Has Speaker Tenure for Life—If He Wants It

The factors making Boehner’s life a living hell are external to his personal quirks and failings. Anyone else would have the same problems.

Five Reasons Food Stamps Work Just Fine

It seems that food stamps are always in danger of facing the chopping block. Here are the numbers on the program’s effectiveness.

Immigration Reform's Make-or-Break Moment?

Gauging the chances for a bill passing the House

The Fed Stays the Course

Is the Board's surprise decision to continue purchasing bonds to drive down interest rates good or bad policy for regular Americans? It’s both.