In Catalonia, a Warning on One-State Solutions

Nationalism is alive and well in Europe. Expecting Israelis and Palestinians to abandon it is a fantasy.

John Boehner Is Adrift

Without a plan and without any idea how to end the crisis, Boehner goes from day to desperate day.

In Praise of Designer Babies

Everyone says we don't want new genetic engineering techniques to produce "designer babies." But would that be so bad?

Postcards from the Shutdown Edge

Wondering why you haven't heard about people going without essential programs? States are covering for the feds, but they can't keep it up much longer.

Two-Faced: The Democratic Party's Divergent Future

Bill de Blasio and Cory Booker personify alternative ways forward for the party.

Perverting the State of Our Union

Tea Partiers mean no good to the country that the rest of us believe in, because they regard the country that the rest of us believe in as no good.

The Task Rabbit Economy

At the rate things are going, tens of millions of us could end up as temps, contract employees, call-center operators, and the like. 

Is the Shutdown Creating a Dystopic Political Future?

It could win Democrats the White House in 2016. But don't get too excited.

How the Crisis Ends

What are the odds on the different outcomes? 

De-Kochifying the Dance

Why New York should take David Koch’s name off a Lincoln Center theater

McCutcheon, the Next Victory for the 1 Percent

McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission looks set to be another win for the right and the rich, based on yesterday's oral arguments.

The Evangelist

Jim Gilliam of NationBuilder says his software will "democratize democracy." So why do many of his progressive friends consider him a traitor? 

Will Republican Moderates Really Allow the Government to Reopen?

If Boehner gives them the chance to vote, they could save the day. Or maybe they won't.

The Power of No

Why liberal Democrats in Congress, despite being greater in number, have nothing like the power of Tea Party conservatives. 

The She-covery that Wasn't

Women may have more jobs than ever, but should we be applauding record gains in low-wage employment when gender discrimination and the pay gap persist?