Is Hillary Clinton Showing Actual Courage on Guns?

What do you know, a major Democratic presidential candidate is going after the NRA.

Why Democrats Need Both Clinton and Sanders

Liberalism advances only when radicalism is bubbling.

We Don’t Know What Kind of President Hillary Clinton Would Be on Public Education

Clinton's ties to both education reformers and teachers unions leave many observers guessing. 

Paul Theroux and the Poverty Behind the Numbers

A recent op-ed from the author of Deep South sparked a debate about globalization and American poverty. 

The Labor Prospect: Dems Debate

Democrats talk trade and paid leave, California tackles wage theft, and why $15 an hour may no longer be enough. 

Ben Carson, American Gun Advocates, and the Fantasy of Individual Heroism

The delusion that one person with a rifle can fend off doomsday explains how many on the right see their relationship with the government.

Searching for Worker Voices at the White House

A recent labor summit highlighted the administration's uneven record on workers' rights.  

Like Being “Buried Alive”: Charles Dickens on Solitary Confinement in America’s Prisons

In 1842 Dickens wrote a scathing critique of solitary confinement in America. Nearly two centuries later, little has changed. 

Yearning for Biden Reveals Gender Bias Against Clinton

Am I the only one who remembers what a terrible presidential candidate the vice president was?

The Labor Prospect: Minding Minimums

Cuomo's new minimum wage plan hits a snag, the NEA endorses Hillary, and Uber drivers are one step closer to collective bargaining in Seattle. 

Bernie Sanders Is About as Radical as Harry Truman

Sanders represents the pent-up demand of rank-and-file Democrats to get their party back.

What’s Next for the TPP: Clyde Prestowitz in Conversation with David Dayen

The mammoth trade deal, completed at last, now heads to a divided Congress and a tough election season.

Regarding Bernie

How do we explain Bernie Sanders's remarkable success?

Frustration Is Driving Both Parties' Voters Toward Radical Make-Believe

Frustration is driving voters on both sides of the partisan divide toward radical make-believe

If Small Donors Were Amplified, Bernie Would Be the Frontrunner

Under public-financing plans proposed by candidates like Clinton, Bernie's grassroots fundraising would put him over the top.