It Doesn’t Add Up

Israeli arguments about the precise number of Palestinians are a distraction. Occupation is undemocratic no matter how many or few there are.

Michael Cohen Could Be the Instrument of Trump's Doom

If anyone has anything damaging on the president, it's his personal attorney.

A Tough Week for the Social Safety Net

States from Tennessee to Wisconsin are mirroring the Trump administration’s enthusiasm for eviscerating anti-poverty programs.

Waiting -- and Waiting-- For Corporate Tax Cuts to Deliver Those Wage Hikes

Though if you’re a CEO or shareholder, the new tax cuts are the gift that keeps on giving.

Inside Game: How Foster Care Was Changed Forever

How a determined, bipartisan group of House and Senate staffers bucked congressional dysfunction and helped steer a landmark child welfare bill to final passage.

Tennessee Republicans Experience Cognitive Dissonance on Poverty

Tennessee has increased welfare benefits for the first time in 22 years, while also proposing to kick people off medical and food assistance.

An Attack on Our Country -- By Trump and McConnell

The Senate majority leader enables the president’s attack on the Constitution.

Reviving the Fair Housing Act at 50

New efforts in progressive states focus on affordability—which would also diminish segregation.

The Failure of the Globalist Fantasy

Can we harness global capitalism in a broad public interest—or will globalism and the backlash against it keep undermining democratic institutions?

The Truth About an Untethered Trump

The president is now more dangerous than ever.

What Should We Do About Syria? Don't Ask Trump.

Following a chemical weapons attack in Syria, Trump doesn't seem to have any new ideas. But then, nobody else does either.

Why New Social Movements Are Different

A new book from social reformer Jai Sen explores the international age of protest.

What’s the Matter with Oklahoma?

Oklahoma was once a center of left-populism. Could it be that again?

Privatizing Health Care for Veterans Doesn’t Add Up

Medicaid privatization in Kansas and Iowa show why outsourcing the VA would have tragic, even fatal, consequences.

Digital Fixes Won’t Solve the Democrats’ Problems

Democratic strategists obsess over new apps to facilitate voter contacts, while grassroots groups are supercharging what really matters: making personal connections.