Most Americans Are Liberal, Even If They Don’t Know It

Don’t believe it? Check out these polls. 

Republicans’ Disdain for Trump’s Base Oozes Into Tax Plan

Could the GOP tax plan erode Trump’s support among key parts of his base?

In the Saudi Game of Thrones, a Prince Knocks Over the House of Cards

The young crown prince wants to end decades of power-sharing. His gambles could shake up the kingdom and the Middle East.

Could Alabama Be Next?

Doug Jones’s uphill battle against Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race

The GOP’s Suburban Collapse

The revolt of the anti-Trump suburbs is a fire bell in the night for congressional Republicans.

Wither the Democrats?

Gentle reader, that’s not a typo.

My Man Martov

On the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik seizure of power, a look at the great dissident of November 7, 1917

The New Workers, and New Militancy, of the Seventies

A new book highlights how women and people of color were organizing their workplaces at impressive rates during the 1970s—they just weren’t winning. 

The One Thing the Democratic Party Doesn't Need

Forget about undertaking another searing examination of their very soul.

Between Pragmatism and Purity: Virginia Democrats Try to Come Together

Progressive and establishment Democrats in Virginia look to ride anti-Trump fervor to Election Day victories. But will that be enough to bridge the party's divisions?

Arkansas and Hawaii Medication Abortion Cases Present New Challenges

Two cases winding their way through federal courts involve non-surgical abortion access.

Foreign Influence Peddling Bill Comes Due

Lobbyists who have shilled for foreign interests in secret for decades may now be forced to come clean.

Retirement Savings Crisis Continues to Take a Back Seat on Capitol Hill

The Republican tax plan doesn’t touch 401(k)s as feared, but these accounts still don’t meet the retirement needs of most Americans.

Will Bannon Scare Republicans into Shutting Down Mueller?

Threatening GOP incumbents, the Breitbart bully urges the firing of the special counsel.

The Left and Ralph Northam

Tuesday’s election in Virginia will determine who controls the 2021 redistricting process—and whether more progressives will go to Congress and the state legislature.