Some Thoughts On New Journalistic Ventures, Internet Time, and Your Media Diet

We should critically examine high-profile enterprises like Vox and Five Thirty Eight. But don't forget that no one source has to be the be-all and end-all of journalism.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Retirement, and the Value of Term Limits

Fixed term limits for justices would mean no more uncomfortable debates about when someone should leave the job they love. 

How to Raise Americans' Wages

Eight proposals to jump-start the incomes of workers

Why the GOP Won't Change

A year after their "autopsy," the recommendations haven't been—and won't be—followed.

When Death Comes to the Festival

Will the tragedy at SXSW change the nature of the celebration in years to come?

Did the Right Set Obama's Agenda?

Recent debates on the left seem to overlook the success of critical progressive legislation. 

The Missing White Poor

Guess who makes up a plurality of America's poor?

The Strange Bedfellows of the Anti-Contraception Alliance

Evangelicals and Catholics didn't always share the same views on contraception and abortion. A look at how their alliance came to be and how it's shaping crucial legal battles. 

The Imagined Reagan Will Live Forever

John McCain accuses other Republicans of being insufficiently Reaganish, despite what Ronald Reagan actually was.

Tolerance For the Non-Religious, Here and Around the World

As on most things religious, the United States is an outlier.

Ezra Klein's Queer New Hire

Vox Media's decision to bring Brandon Ambrosino on board is click-bait contrarianism at its worst. 

Tesla, Car Dealers, and Anti-Competitive State Laws

Auto sales are governed by state laws written by car dealers, which Tesla wants to change. Will the advocates of free enterprise rush to their side?

SXSWedu: How to Keep Friends and Influence No New People

The education conference brings in interesting thinkers but doesn’t let them debate the big ideas. So what's the point?


Thinking Small

The presidential race may be where the glamour is, but it's not where liberals can build power.

Meaningless Special Elections and the Press's Consequential Imperative

No special election is a bellwether or a harbinger of anything. But the press always says they are.