When Affordable Housing Bypasses the Poor

New research suggests affordable housing can create segregation not only within and between communities, but also within the subsidized housing system itself.

Wall Street Gears Up Its Stealth Attack

Lobbyists are flocking to Capitol Hill, seeking to further weaken financial regulation through spending bill riders.

California Continues to Make Big Strides on Solar

Building on a foundation of pioneering green policy, a new bill would make rooftop solar affordable for thousands more Californians. 

Worlds of Inequality

The winners and losers of globalization. Must it be this way?

Europe's Nationalist Threat

Rising nationalism in Europe demands that leaders on the left look beyond austerity to a more robust economic policy built on investments in infrastructure, jobs, and education.


Like Gregor Samsa, the GOP seems incapable of recognizing the change that has come over it.

Can the Working Family Work in America?

America still hasn’t adjusted to family realities in the 21st century. Here’s what needs to be done and why we need to do it. 

Spare a Thought For Those Condemned to Defend Donald Trump

It's a soul-crushing job, but someone has to do it.

The Great Foreclosure Fraud

When millions of families lost their homes to foreclosure in the Great Recession, a nurse, a car dealership worker and a forensic expert blew the whistle on mortgage industry abuses.

Critics: Mississippi’s “Religious Freedom” Law Violates Constitution

A new Mississippi law that permits religious objectors to deny services to LGBT individuals violates civil liberties, say critics who have challenged the law in court.

The Wrath of Khan

The newly elected mayor of London has some choice words for Donald Trump and the presumptive GOP nominee's brand of Islamophobia.

Europe Goes American, and That Ain’t Good

The same racial, religious, and ethnic tensions that have long divided America are now unraveling Northern Europe’s bonds of solidarity.

How to Fix Social Security? Expand It

Proposals abound to overhaul the Social Security system via means-testing, raising the retirement age, or price adjustments. But the real solution to a fairer, more stable retirement system is Social Security expansion.

Will Trump’s ‘Man Card’ Play to Women?

Don't underestimate the misogyny of the American people.

Learning from History: The Prospects for School Desegregation

An interview with Ansley Erickson.