Net Neutrality and the Danger of a Corporatized Democracy

The internet is now an ATM for big business. The only people who will suffer are the ones who can’t afford to pay to play in Washington.

Steve Bannon and Katie Roiphe Are Very Worried. So Is Donald Trump

The #MeToo movement and the existential threat to patriarchy

Brexit Hate Propaganda

The Daily Telegraph’s attack on George Soros crosses a new line

Reforming Welfare and Controlling the Poor

The president’s budget proposal punishes the poor for their poverty.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan: Fiction? Scam? Actually, Both

The plan’s not about building more. It’s about privatizing what’s already there.

Trump: Make Immigrants’ Use of Public Health Benefits a Deportable Offense

New proposed restrictions mean that immigrants who have received any public benefit to which they were legally entitled could be turned away at points of entry, or see their applications to extend their stays be denied.

No Big-Game Hunting at Justice

How federal prosecutors let major white-collar criminals off the hook and stick shareholders with the costs of corporate crime

The Corporate Scam that Even Trump Opposes: PBMs

The administration’s welcome proposal to break up pharmacy benefit managers

Mentors Under Siege: California's DACA Teachers

Of California’s roughly 223,000 DACA recipients, an estimated 5,000 are working teachers. Three of them share their stories.

The Deficit Hawks Have It Wrong

The problem is not the deficit, but that Trump’s deficit finances the wrong things—billionaires rather than bridges, tunnels, and schools.

How Unions Help Immigrants Resist Deportations

In California, labor has long protected its immigrant members—and now, it’s defending non-members as well.

From 'Liberal Media' to 'Fake News'

The war against the press has descended beneath the level of rational argument.

The Full Employment Solution

Truly fixing the American economy requires full employment, as Franklin Roosevelt proposed 74 years ago. And that can't be done through the private sector alone. 

Conservatism Unleashed

The Republican Party, aided by Donald Trump, has eagerly descended to unprecedented levels of self-dealing, rule-flouting, and ideological extremism.

Parading into a Cataclysm

President Trump loves the idea of a grand military parade—all the better to get Americans prepared for a major conflict that he seems eager to unleash.