The Trump Nightmare: How It Ends

A scenario that becomes more likely by the day

Trump Stacks Labor Department with Friends of Big Business

His appointees made their bones on the management side of the table.

Will the Supreme Court Abandon True Government Neutrality Toward Religion?

The high court chips away at the once impregnable wall between church and state.

The Disgrace of ‘60 Minutes’

Steve Bannon gets a bully platform and runs rings around Charlie Rose.

Democrats' Unsolvable Media Problem

Liberals are still all but helpless in the face of right-wing lies that mutate and evolve.

Fewer on Food Stamps, But Hunger Persists

An economy in recovery means some families and individuals no longer need as much help. But hungry people who do are being pushed off the program.

Kobach’s House of Cards

Trump’s “election integrity” commission has become an embarrassment to itself.

Netanyahu Is Not Israel's Trump. He's Awful in His Own Way.

The Israeli prime minister is committed to dangerous policies. Trump is committed only to Trump, which is more dangerous.

The Genius of Bernie’s Gradualism

Sanders’s Medicare for All bill is built on the understanding that revolutions take time.

Bannon’s Oligarch Cage Match Worries GOP

Backing primary challengers to Republican senators, Bannon is pitting his patron, Robert Mercer, against the Koch brothers.

Voter Registration Is the Real Resistance

The 2018 midterms will hinge on whether Democrats can register and turn out single women, millennials, and minorities.

Hurricane Donald: Changing Course and Highly Dangerous

If the president was ever serious about big infrastructure spending, now’s the time.

Why the Elite Media Want You to Think Trump Is an Independent

While it's true that he arrived in office without the complement of ideological and partisan commitments most presidents carry with them, he has governed like the hardest of hard-right Republicans.

In Hurricane Season, Underwater and Behind Bars

The poor, the old, and the disabled seldom seek shelter—because they can’t. And often no one evacuates inmates.

Puerto Rico’s Double Whammy: Irma and Hedge Funds

The fiscal constraints the island’s bondholders have inflicted will make hurricane recovery very difficult.