The Wrecking Ball

The rise of the Trump regime is demolishing the last hopes for a peaceful, two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Teachers Union Battle Escalates at KIPP Charter School

A fight over working conditions and union representation unfolds at a prominent charter school in New York City.

One Horrific Week in, Trump Remains Who He Always Was

Everything liberals warned the country about is coming true.

It’s the Poverty, Stupid, Not Trump’s Imagined Carnage

While President Donald Trump continues his jeremiad against urban life, the nation’s mayors see poverty as their number one economic problem.

Awaiting Trump’s Pick

Two of the three favorites for a Supreme Court appointment are merely very conservative. The third is way very conservative. 

What’s Next? A Massive Fight Over Women’s Reproductive Health

People wondering what’s next after the Women’s March on Washington need only look at the Republican assault on abortion rights, which will complicate the GOP agenda on several fronts.

If You’re Going to Deport Mexicans, Why Not the Irish?

Nativist and racist groups always blame crime—falsely—on immigrants.

Donald Trump: Trickle Downer of the Week

The deregulator-in-chief’s crusade to slash 75 percent of the federal government’s rules is based on the myth that regulations kill jobs. 

Trump’s Super-Sized Global Gag Rule

Donald Trump did not just reinstate a pre-Obama ban on U.S. assistance to overseas groups that perform or even talk about abortion, he vastly expanded its reach.

Hold the Mansplaining: The Resistance Is Being Led by Women

One beauty of Saturday’s march was the number of men who turned out for a march that was led by women. 

Trump’s Labor Nominee Gets Rich on Taxpayer’s Dime

Andy Puzder oversees a fast-food empire that’s fueled by low-wage labor—but the public subsidizes that low pay in a big way. 

Turning the March Into a Movement

Reflections on Saturday’s protest

Big Money’s Other Casualty: Fair Courts

Record spending by secretive outside special interests in state supreme court races poses a stark threat to the impartiality of the nation’s courts. 

Q&A: Top Obama Labor Economist Now Aims to Hold Trump Accountable to Workers

The Obama Labor Department’s chief economist discusses her boss’s legacy and the myriad concerns about the Trump administration’s approach to protecting workers. 

Orwell, Hitler, and Trump

Hitler was the first to describe the technique of telling a lie so often that people believed it. He called it the “Big Lie.”