The FEC’s Moment of Truth

The Russia mess has exposed serious weaknesses in the campaign-finance system, and the Federal Election Commission is overdue for action.

GOP Eager to Repeal Rule that Allows Consumers to Sue Conniving Banks

Republicans pretend it’s about dismantling the “administrative state.” But it’s all about market power. 

Snakes on a Plane -- And Under the Capitol Dome

For the Republican majority, power trumps truth, and they’re all part of the racket.

Exclusive: Donald Jr. to Resign as Trump’s Son

“Cannot continue in this position of responsibility,” he writes.

The First Qualification Is Inexperience

Israel's Labor Party gambles on an insurgent. It's all the rage.

The California Renters’ Revolt

Insane housing costs in the Golden State have rekindled the tenants’ movement.

As Trump Gears Up for Big Tax Cuts, Seattle Opts to Tax Wealthy

The progressive city is once again paving the way, and strongly rebuking trickle-down economics. 

Despite Trump, State Progressives Advance Pro-Worker Policies

While the president goes on the attack, Democratic-controlled states and municipalities forge ahead. 

How Trump Gives Protection a Bad Name

Trump’s brand of protectionism is a menace, but not for the reasons many people think.

Does the Fed Think Black Lives Matter?

Putting the brakes on the economy would disproportionately damage black America.

How Trump Is Dragging America's Image Down

Isolated and disdained on the world stage, he keeps making us look worse.

Is the Kobach Commission Violating the Law?

A presidential commission may have run afoul of multiple federal laws with its sweeping request for state voter data.

Q&A: Drug Addiction Is a Learning Disorder

And treating it punitively, Maia Szalavitz argues, is rooted in racism—not in science

It Was Prejudice. It Was Economics. It Was Both.

New surveys show not all Trump voters had the same motivations.

Republicans Want to Make Deficit-Busting Tax Cuts Permanent

Real tax reform is hard. So a growing bloc of tax-cut enthusiasts wants to rewrite the rules of the game to secure rate reductions for the rich.