The Last of the Late-Term Abortion Providers

A new documentary, After Tiller, follows the only four doctors in the country who will terminate a pregnancy in its last three months.

It's Not about the Video Games

After every mass shooting, we have to have the same stupid discussion.

Secular Corporations Cannot Exercise Religion, My Friend

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals takes issue with a company's cries against providing contraception to employees.

My Shutdown Lament

Is this nightmare ever going to end, so we can go back to a political world that's just silly and frustrating the way it used to be?

The Conservative Plan for Medicaid Expansion

The five most important takeaways from the experiments in Iowa and Arkansas

The Fed Stays the Course

Is the Board's surprise decision to continue purchasing bonds to drive down interest rates good or bad policy for regular Americans? It’s both.

The Obamacare Is Falling! The Obamacare Is Falling!

There are a lot of things being said about the Affordable Care Act. Here are the reasons you shouldn't believe any of it.

Rise of the “Nones”

America’s rapidly changing religious landscape

Obama Just Changed the Most Racist Law in the Country

Home care workers were excluded from labor protections as a deal to win southern support for the New Deal.

Shutdown Report: How to Play Chicken and Lose

In past budget showdowns, the GOP has forced Obama to blink first.  Not this time. 

We Shall Overwhelm

A new book explores when and why America’s rich protest. 

Time to Give America a Raise

The Labor Department and California raise the wages of the working poor—how about we extend the good news nationwide?

A Long Way from the End of Men

New numbers from the Census Bureau show how tough this country is on women.

Could Conservatives Help Obamacare Implementation Work?

Behold the Conservative Obamacare Ombudsman Project.

American Public Oddly Reasonable on Syrian War

They think trying diplomacy is a very good idea if it could keep America from getting sucked into this civil war. Imagine that.