Another Court Nominee Down

What were the "extraordinary circumstances" preventing Caitlin Halligan from being confirmed?

Republicans Have Actual Good Idea to Improve Presidential Primaries

Take the debates away from the journalists.

The Super-Sexy Case Against Gay Marriage

When I get that feelin', I need Supreme Court amicus briefs.

Take Social Security and Medicare Off the Bargaining Table

The Democratic leadership has offered cuts to vital entitlement programs before budget negotiations have even begun, and at a time when American's need them most.

A Post-Iraq Security Consensus?

Is the country ready for a new (and cheaper) way of doing national security?

Take That, Political Science!

The Senate has voted to defund research for political science. The implications for other sciences are scary.

Obama: The Republicans' Devil

What the resemblence between the president and the History Channel's Prince of Darkness says about today's GOP.

How to Fix Entitlements? More Immigrants

Allowing more people to live and work in the United States would go a long way toward fixing our fiscal problems.

Have You Heard? Feminism's Over!

As this week's New York magazine cover story shows, trend pieces heralding the return of "retro values" have become a tired cliché.

Why the Republicans Should Go Ahead and Have Their Civil War

This is the perfect time to do it.

The New Gay-Rights Frontier

As gay marriage gets its day at the Supreme Court, activists in New Jersey launch a new offensive in the fight for LGBT equality.

Judging on Color

A few thoughts on racism and "colorblindness"

Cyprus's Big Bluff

Europe's small nations should think about leaving the euro behind, or at least threatening to do so.

Banks Are Too Big to Fail Say ... Conservatives?

Intellectuals on the right are coming around to the idea that our biggest financial institutions could use a little regulation.

Asking Serious People Silly Questions

As usual, journalists can't talk about marijuana without turning into Beavis and Butthead.