The State of Our Union? Economically Unjust

In his speech next week, the president needs to go beyond platitudes and start addressing economic injustice—he could start by making sure federal contract workers get paid enough.

Raising the Minimum is the Bare Minimum

What America needs is to shift income from capital to labor.

Breaking: All Politicians Are Ambitious

Why do we act as though the "conviction politician" is morally superior to the guy who just wants to be president?

The Examined Life of the Digital Age

Before long, it may become impossible to be anonymous.

One Small Step for the Fourth Amendment

Obama's NSA reforms are a start, but they don't go far enough. 

Stevie Sings for Martin Luther King

How Stevie Wonder and Coretta Scott King worked in perfect harmony to beat Jesse Helms and create a national holiday.

Today's Robot Threat

Beware the Euro-Terminators.

The Surveillance State of Tomorrow

Cell phone metadata is nothing compared to what will be gathered about you before long. And the NSA wants it all.

Free at Last: A Gay Republican Leaves the Fold

Jimmy LaSalvia was the media's "go-to" gay GOPer. Now that he's left the party, he tells the Prospect what that was like.

The Penultimate Watergate Baby

George Miller calls it quits.

The Scandalous Lack of Obama Administration Scandals

A real scandal needs serious malfeasance and high administration involvement. None of Obama's scandals have had both.

Can States Protect Access to Reproductive Health Clinics?

The fate of Massachusetts's buffer-zone law doesn't look promising after yesterday's Supreme Court oral arguments. 

New Year, Same Intellectual Dishonesty

2014 is shaping up to be just like every year before it, filled with people in politics and media unwilling or unable to recognize nuance.  

Marijuana Legalization Will Be the Gay Marriage of the 2016 Presidential Election

There will be an active debate on the Democratic side, but none on the Republican side.