More Than a Hobby

In a case challenging the Obama administration's contraception mandate, a court finds that for-profit companies have free-exercise rights under the First Amendment. A look at Hobby Lobby, the company at the heart of the legal challenge.

Rhode Island’s Small Victory

A third state offers paid leave, though not necessarily a clear path for other states

Liz and Dick

With the help of her powerful father, Liz Cheney is running for Senate and setting off the next round of an intra-GOP fight over foreign policy. 

Semantic Innovation in Immigration Reform

Presto, "provisional legal status" becomes "probation."

Why "Black-on-Black Crime" is a Dangerous Idea

Final thoughts on the myth of "black-on-black crime."

Tired Columnists and Lost Opportunities

Richard Cohen finally wrote something interesting, even if it was interesting for being despicable. But why do papers publish guys like him, anyway?

Ginsburg's (Pyrrhic?) Triumph

The Court's decisions on the same-sex marriage cases seem to be following the path Ginsberg wished the Supremes had taken with Roe. Is this a good thing?

Welcome to the Future of Voting Rights

Activists are back in court arguing that Pennsylvania's voter ID law still violates the state constitution. Expect to see similar arguments around the country. 

Transatlantic Trouble

How much has America's spying on European allies damaged the transatlantic trade deal once thought to be one of Obama's best opportunities for shaping his foreign policy legacy?

All Hail Harry Reid!

For once, the U.S. Senate had a good day.

Chart of the Day

Are white people who kill black people more likely to get off than black people who kill white people? What do you think?

Trayvon Martin, Blackness, and America's Fear of Crime

Further thoughts on pathology and "black on black" crime.

When Tea Partiers Try to Show Their "Diversity"

A rally with two groups who have very little in common.

The Temptation of Renown

Juror B37 considers writing a dreadful book about the Zimmerman trial, then comes to her senses.

Bastille Day Blues in the Big Easy

A walk through New Orleans the day after the Zimmerman verdict.