Time to Dump "Pro-Israel"

There's never anything to be gained by debating who's "pro-Israel" and who's "anti-Israel." 

Why Does the National Media Get Texas So Wrong?

There’s no binary opposition between “establishment” candidates and those affiliated with the Tea Party in the state—in other words, no convenient narrative. 

No Exit: The Digital Edition

In her new book, Dragnet Nation, Julia Angwin shows how badly disadvantaged ordinary people are in the struggle for privacy online.

Can Political Coverage Ever Get Better?

There are strong incentives for reporters that keep coverage as crappy as it is. Changing them isn't impossible, but it won't be easy.

Primary Day Means Baby Steps for Texas Democrats

Because their candidates have been losing for the better part of two decades, few with political capital are eager to run statewide.


Television Still Hugely Profitable, Also Dying

Digital video is catching up to TV, but brings in only a tiny fraction of the revenue.

Paul Ryan: A Poor Man's Savior of the Poor

The House Budget chair released his cherry-picked report on the state of poverty-prevention programs on Monday. Here's what he overlooked. 

Hey Bert, Is This Thing Loaded?

How often are Americans shooting themselves by accident? We explain—with charts!

Conservatives Condemn Weak Weakness of Weakling Obama

Did we mention that they're saying he's weak? Well they are. Weak, weak, weak.

The Left, Viewed from Space

In an essay in Harpers, political scientist Adolph Reed Jr. looks at the American left, missing most current events but getting some of the big picture right. 

The Infinite Circle of Black Responsibility

Bill O'Reilly is convinced that if only Kanye West would sing some Bing Crosby tunes, we could achieve a racial utopia.

The Citizens United of the Culture Wars

Anti-gay discrimination laws like the one vetoed in Arizona this week now seem dead on arrival, but gay-rights supporters could be blindsided by the courts.

The Political Failure Behind the Healthcare.gov Debacle

The site is working well now, so it's time for those whose lack of insight led to the disaster to be held to account.

The Revolt of the Elites

The Republican establishment beats back the Tea Party on Arizona's anti-gay bill. So how important is this event?

Will Iraq Break a U.N. Arms Embargo On Iran?

A reported deal between the countries once again reveals how American politicians who supported the Iraq invasion refuse to take responsibility for the fallout.