How to Fix Social Security? Make it Bigger

The New America Foundation's plan for an expanded Social Security program.

Industry-Funded High-Frequency Trading Study Falls Short

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Red States Getting Redder

On abortion and same-sex marriage

Americans Want a Path to Citizenship

But can Congress act?

The Gun Debate's Inconvenient Truths

In the same way that the First Amendment doesn't protect, say, child pornography, gun-rights advocates must recognize that Second Amendment rights are not absolute.

Data Comes to the Culture Wars

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The AP Gives Up "Illegal Immigrant"

A step in the right direction.

Bobby Jindal Is Not a Popular Guy

In Louisiana, he's less favored than the president.

The Pointlessness of Contrarianism for Its Own Sake

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Gun Control Moves to the States

For now, that's where the momentum is.

It's Not Easy Being Green

As climate change worsens, the internal strains in the environmentalist movement are starting to show.

North Carolina GOP Still Trying to Keep Dems from the Polls

The push for voter identification hasn't gone away.

Smart People Believing Stupid Things

Dr. Ben Carson, heading to a Palin-esque niche on the right. But not the White House.

Marriage-Equality Caution

Has public opinion moved as far as we think?

Why Politicians Aren't Sensitive to Public Opinion on the Economy

Congress is making strides on same-sex marriage, immigration, and guns—but not on taxing the wealthy.