Black Lives Matter Plunges into the Affordable Housing Crisis

As the movement branches into economic justice, a protest in Cambridge, Massachusetts, led to a public conversation about the city’s housing policies. 

Q&A: Will Colleges Support Debt-Free Higher Education?

Now the president of a liberal arts college in Maryland, former Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairwoman Sheila Bair discusses whether college-for-all proposals would really help students.

Nigeria After Boko Haram: Rethinking Reeducation and Reintegration

Issues of religion, gender, and mistrust could further complicate efforts to return former fighters to their communities.

Is Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Strategy an Act of Genius?

Liberals worry that she’s shored up more conventional Republican leaders by differentiating Trump from them.

The Beach Movie of the Absurd

The Burkini fuss isn't just an embarrassment for France. Diversity is under attack across the West.

The Great Paradox

Arlie Hochschild’s new book grapples with The Great Paradox: Why is hatred of government most intense among people who need government services most?

How the Charter School Lobby Is Changing the Democratic Party

In cities and states nationwide, centrist billionaires are working to unseat progressive Democrats.  

Trumpism Could Be More Dangerous Than Trump

To defeat the post-election Trump movement, Clinton will need to balance conventional progressive goals with a politics of class uplift.

As Union Membership Declines, Organized Labor Focuses on Nonunion Workers

A new report links the drop in union membership with the rise in income inequality. But labor activists are finding new ways to help workers.

A Title IX for Women in Politics

Title IX has been credited with helping American women athletes star in this year’s Rio Olympics. The same types of systemic changes are now needed to achieve parity for women in American politics.

Using American Power Prudently

Our core national-security interests and the limits of military force. 

Even on His Signature Issue, Donald Trump Can't Figure Out What He Believes

What is clear is that most voters are not as hardline on immigration as Trump may assume. 

The Coming Disaster Assistance Battles

Climate change is fueling more natural disasters, but Congress is too busy bickering to respond, and more federal aid may be needed.

Donald Trump Has a Big Racist Problem -- Or Does He?

When Trump repudiates his racist followers, we’ll know he’s serious about changing his tune.

Public Option Would Fix Health Insurance Marketplace

Aetna is one of more than a dozen insurers abandoning the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges, a move that adds urgency to progressive calls for a public option.