Trump as a Strategic Asset of the Islamic State

The candidate is playing the part assigned to him in terrorist strategy.

Privilege, Passion, and Politics

The carnage in Orlando and hooliganism in Marseille prompt thoughts about reason versus the passions and the nature of the American Constitution.

Minimum Wage Momentum Continues to Surge

Wages hit $15 from D.C. to Silicon Valley and a new analysis points to the working class’s multicultural future.

What's Still True in the Wake of the Orlando Massacre

We will never be completely free of the threat of terrorism—but we can work to minimize that threat. 

Can a Democracy Reform Agenda Help Democrats Win Back the Senate?

Amid voter outrage at special interest influence, Senate Democrats have unveiled a plan to run on fixing the political system. 

Clinton’s Real 'Woman Card': Money

Hillary Clinton has raised more than half her campaign money from women, capitalizing on the growing political clout of female donors.

Is It Time for a New 'New Deal?'

A new generation of younger, more ethnically diverse voters is pushing the nation’s policy agenda to the left.

University of Texas Affirmative Action Program in Peril

The Court's decision could impact college admissions programs nationwide. 

Everyone Should Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Milestone

A woman has just won the presidential nomination of a major political party. For all the women who come after her, that’s a good thing.

Half of Prince's $300 Million Estate Could Be Taxed. That's a Good Thing.

The late pop star eschewed tax-dodging chicanery and will still leave a sizable fortune to his heirs—as well as to the taxpayers who helped him succeed.

ColoradoCare’s Democratic Opponents Rely on Health-Care Sector Campaign Contributions

Top recipients include Governor Mike Hickenlooper and Senator Michael Bennett, who both opposed the measure.

Uber: Greed By Any Other Name?

Saudi Arabia becomes Uber's biggest investor, the rideshare company introduces a controversial leasing program, and OUR Walmart struggles after losing union funding.  

Why There Will Be More Violence During This Campaign

Anger, desperation, and the desire for drama push people to each other's throats.

The Bankers' Bank

Does the Federal Reserve govern the banking system—or vice versa? 

First Flint –- Now Philly?

Philadelphia is only the latest city to face legal action over lead contamination in drinking water.