Hillary Clinton and the Obama Legacy

She inherits a series of crises and policy challenges that could elect Donald Trump, unless Clinton picks up her game.

Convention: A City on Edge

As Republicans prepare to officially nominate Donald Trump as their standard bearer, Cleveland braces for the worst.

Trumpapalooza Should Be One Hot Mess of a Convention

The 2016 RNC is set to showcase a deeply divided party. 

Terror on the Bay of Angels

France is on the verge of losing its grip in the wake of repeated mass murder by members of its own minority communities.

Boston Neighborhood Battles Pipeline Project

Plans for a natural gas pipeline in a densely populated Boston neighborhood have triggered protests and raised questions about secretive corporate decision making.


Mike Pence’s Bumpy Ride

He’s In! Maybe Not! No, Really!

Sanders Activists Already Agitating in Philadelphia

The Democratic National Convention is more than a week away, but progressive organizers and Bernie Sanders enthusiasts are already staging demonstrations around town.

Q&A: Diversifying the Fed

National Urban League President Marc Morial recently met with the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors to make the case that more diversity in the U.S. banking system would have mitigated the devastation the recession inflicted on communities of color.

The Frenemies Gambit

Benjamin Netanyahu uses European support for human rights to attack domestic dissent in Israel.

Q&A: After Philando Castile, a Playbook for Organizers

Community organizer Anthony Newby has been on the front lines of protests against police violence in Minnesota, and is working to help other activists across the country follow suit.

Bernie, Hillary, and the Ghost of Ernst Thalmann

In campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders will be making sure his voters don’t suffer from the blind spot that plagued Nazi-era Communist leader Ernst Thälmann, who argued that the Social Democrats posed a greater threat than Adolf Hitler.

How We Move Beyond Dallas

Calls for healing and reconciliation in the wake of recent racial violence overlook the substantive, concrete steps that experts say would help forestall the next police tragedy.

Report: VHA Care Commission Recommends Private-Sector Options

As conservatives and congressional Republicans seek to dismantle the Veterans Health Administration, members of the commission called for giving veterans more private-sector options.

The War over Obama's Labor Agenda

The NLRB's latest pro-labor ruling comes just as Republicans turn up the heat on their plan to undermine the president's labor legacy. 

Q&A: The Abortion Battle’s Next Phase

NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue reflects on how the Supreme Court’s historic ruling to reject restrictive clinic mandates will impact abortion policy and politics.