A Just Conclusion in the Snowden Case

Edward Snowden deserves a plea bargain that balances his interests with those of the U.S. government.

Could America Act Like China?

Trump's trade appointments represent a drastic change from business as usual.

France Chooses a New President

The 2017 presidential race in France has already produced one major upset and may yet see several others before a new president is chosen in May. Whatever happens, the Fifth Republic is no longer the regime Charles de Gaulle conceived in his own image nearly 60 years ago. Nor is the Socialist Party the force that François Mitterrand conceived in his own image a decade and a half later. The end of an era has arrived.

Kentucky’s Attack on Unions Provides a Glimpse into the GOP’s Impending War on Workers

Governor Matt Bevin’s anti-union crusade, coming soon to a jurisdiction near you.  

Trump, Putin, and the Pacifist Left

Never were their stranger bedfellows. But is there anything to the case for possible common ground with Putin?

Undocumented and Exposed

DACA recipients are grappling with fear and uncertainty on the eve of Trump’s presidency, unsure whether they face deportation, job loss, or government abuse of their personal information.

How Democrats Can Defeat the Repeal of Obamacare

Turns out, even Republicans like almost everything about the Affordable Care Act. 

Denzel Washington Brings August Wilson’s ‘Fences’ to the Screen

New film captures playwright’s iconic family drama about race, community, and baseball

Women’s March, Like Many Before It, Struggles for Unity

The Women’s March on Washington planned for the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration has had its share of internal controversies, but this is nothing new in the history of demonstrations in the nation’s capital.

As We Enter Age of Trumponomics, Five Charts That Highlight Persistent Worker Woes

­Decades of trickle-down trends hurting working people will worsen under the next administration. 

How Not to Make America Great Again

The secret isn’t factories. It’s giving ordinary Americans some bargaining power.

Larry Hogan Can Be Beat

Maryland’s presumably invulnerable Republican governor is anything but.


The public rejects the House GOP's war on ethics. What does that bode for Trump? 

No, Feminism Isn’t Over -- But It Needs to Change

To counter Donald Trump’s victory, the very structure of liberal and progressive politics must be seized by women.

Disclosing the Costs of Corporate Welfare

A new government accounting rule will soon spotlight the true costs of corporate tax breaks.