Against a "Post-Racial" Voting Rights Act

Some have argued that the best way to protect minority voters is to pass broad election reforms. Here's why they're wrong.

Who Cares What the Framers Thought about the Filibuster?

Even if the founding fathers thought the filibuster was great, we have no reason to defer to their wisdom any more than we're obligated to protect slavery or deny women the vote.

Why the Republican Obamacare Strategy Fell Apart

It was never really a strategy at all.

The High Probability of Being Poor

The number of Americans that struggle with joblessness and poverty throughout their lifetime is still exceedingly high.

Ted Cruz, 100 Percent American

If he has to punch Wayne Gretzky in the face to prove it, he'll do it.

Ed Davis's Minority Report

The Boston police commissioner is being floated as a potential nominee for head of Homeland Security, but there's trouble at home, with allegations of rampant racial discrimination in his force.

Washington's Weed Whackers

D.C. medical marijuana dispensaries are finally open for business, but the nightmare of federal regulations and prohibitions still loom.

The Ex-Con Factor

Felony-disenfranchisement laws suppress black turnout enough to swing elections, and the future of reform is murky.

A Bold Obamacare Prediction

Things are going to work out OK. Not spectacular, not terrible, but OK.

Stop Worrying about Food Stamp "Fraud"

Even if it exists, it doesn't matter.

Seven Reasons You Will Click on This Article about 2016

... an article we just couldn't help ourselves from writing.

Get to Know Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act

There's a lot we still don't know about the most important remaining legal provision we have to help fight voter discrimination. Like, will it actually work?

The NSA Can't Be Trusted

If 2,776 violations can occur when NSA agents are trying to follow the law in good faith, consider the dangers posed by personnel who aren't acting in good faith.

#FF Polling

Twitter may be able to predict elections just as well as the polls, but we use survey research for way more than just that.

Morally Compromised Art, on the Big Screen

How do we judge a movie made from a book written by someone with repellent political views?