Ringside Seat: To Rule or Not to Rule?

After today's oral arguments, it's unclear whether the Court will make any ruling on Prop 8.

Privacy, Property, and the Drug War

Analyzing the other big Supreme Court case of the day

The IRS Threat to Turbo Tax

Why shouldn't the government make it easier to file your taxes?

Don't Be on the Wrong Side of History Again

Protesters, both for and against marriage equality, made camp outside the Supreme Court today during the Prop. 8 case oral arguments.

Marching Against Marriage Equality

The National Organization for Marriage mobilizes a protest against same-sex marriage.

Have the Politics of Gun Control Changed?

It may not seem like it, but yes.

(Female) Politicians Acting Badly

Is Christine Quinn's temper being treated differently because she's a woman? Probably. Does that excuse it? No.

The Runaways

As suburban homelessness increases, some teenagers are forced to make it on their own.

The Weeklies

In the Denver suburbs, as in much of the U.S., the Great Recession turned formerly stable families into the new homeless—and left many living in budget hotels.

Prospects for Legal Marijuana? Higher and Higher

Across the country, the number of bills to liberalize marijuana use—and the odds of their success—is, well, growing.

The Evolution of MSNBC

It's changed its ideological stripes before, and could again.

No, the Religious Right Hasn't Gone Away

Social conservatives are still around, and the Religious Right is still a force in American politics.

The Unending Terror of the Red-State Democrat

Gripped by such fear that they can't even support a measure that 90 percent of voters approve of.

Claire McCaskill Jumps on the Marriage Equality Train

Support from the prominent Senate centrist is further evidence of how far the cause has come.

Don't Be Naïve. That Speech Was a Revolution

Obama told Israelis last week that the occupation is destroying their country's future.