Hello to 236,000 New Jobs

The surprisingly good February jobs report.

The Filibuster that Matters

We shouldn't be confused about where congressional Republicans stand on the abuses of the national security state.

When Public Is Better

The problem is not too much government, but too passive a government. 

Rand Paul's Lonely Stand

The Senator from Kentucky's 13-hour monologue this week restored some long-forgotten heroism to the tradition of the filibuster.

Why 2014 Is a Key Year for Democrats

And it has little to do with the House of Representatives.

What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate. Sort Of.

It's hard to negotiate with people who don't even bother to understand the issue you're negotiating about.

Rand Paul's Blinkered Libertarianism

The Kentucky senator's concern for civil liberties doesn't extend to women's bodies.


Conservatives’ support for state-based think tanks is paying off in regressive legislation. Liberals are scrambling to keep up.

The Rand Paul Filibuster: Raw & Uncut

Links to the transcript, and full video

Will Video Games Save Seniors from Despair?

By the time I get sent to the old-folks home, it had better have a holodeck.

Chávez Rising

With the death of its despotic leader, Venezuela must move to the serious task of repairing its crumbling democratic institutions.

The Internet's Patriot Act

How a bill called CISPA hopes to erase every online privacy law ever written

The Internet’s Patriot Act

How a bill called CISPA hopes to erase every online privacy law ever written.

Few Waves in California

Because of previous cuts, the effect of the sequester in the state will be moderate.

Obama Didn't Cry Wolf on the Sequester

The president has consistently emphasized the long-term dangers of sequestration.