Ginsburg's (Pyrrhic?) Triumph

The Court's decisions on the same-sex marriage cases seem to be following the path Ginsberg wished the Supremes had taken with Roe. Is this a good thing?

Welcome to the Future of Voting Rights

Activists are back in court arguing that Pennsylvania's voter ID law still violates the state constitution. Expect to see similar arguments around the country. 

Transatlantic Trouble

How much has America's spying on European allies damaged the transatlantic trade deal once thought to be one of Obama's best opportunities for shaping his foreign policy legacy?

All Hail Harry Reid!

For once, the U.S. Senate had a good day.

Chart of the Day

Are white people who kill black people more likely to get off than black people who kill white people? What do you think?

Trayvon Martin, Blackness, and America's Fear of Crime

Further thoughts on pathology and "black on black" crime.

When Tea Partiers Try to Show Their "Diversity"

A rally with two groups who have very little in common.

The Temptation of Renown

Juror B37 considers writing a dreadful book about the Zimmerman trial, then comes to her senses.

Bastille Day Blues in the Big Easy

A walk through New Orleans the day after the Zimmerman verdict. 

Three Things You’ve Got Wrong about the Filibuster

As the Senate continues battling about executive-branch nominations and nuclear options, here are a few filibuster myths that need deflating.

Ending Minority Rule

What the Democrats’ mini-war on the filibuster is really about. 

Our Coming Incest Debate

It was always a throw-away argument from those opposed to marriage equality. But is there something to it?

Is "Justice for Trayvon" Even Possible?

Thoughts on what the Zimmerman verdict means going forward.

The Slippery Slope to Polygamy and Incest

Opponents of same-sex marriage have long argued that allowing such unions will lead to marriages among more than two people and between adults who are related. They're right.

When Justice Is Blind and Deaf

The verdict in the Zimmerman trial is an affront to the moral logic that makes up half of justice.