There Still Aren't Any Racists in America

Racism without racists.

The IRS Controversy and the Tax-Exempt Charade

The IRS employees may have violated the letter of the law while trying to uphold its spirit. But organizations on all sides violate the spirit of the tax laws while sticking to their letter.

Labor's Plan B

Collective bargaining may just be a thing of the past, so what are unions hoping will take its place? 

Is Impeachment Only a Matter of Time?

Between Benghazi and the IRS controversy, conservatives are building their dubious case for impeachment.

The Transgender Candidate

Bindiya Rana doesn't expect to emerge victorious once all of the votes from Saturday's election in Pakistan are counted, but the fact that her name was on the ballot is something worth celebrating.

D.C. Circuit v. Worker Rights

The latest example of the federal court bending over backward to defend business interests is yet another reminder of why judicial appointments matter.

Schooling Richwine

The link between genetics and I.Q. is unclear, much less the link between genetics and race.

The Upside Down Economy

Corporate profits are soaring despite declining sales and temps are working longer hours than regular employees. What gives?

They Know What You're Doing

We're just at the beginning of an age of surveillance.

Notes on a Pseudo-Scandal

Things like Benghazi generate their own momentum, whether there was any actual wrongdoing or not.

The Military Can't Handle the Truth

Years of sexual scandals followed by yet more military negligence show the consequences of letting the organization police its own.

Are Vouchers Dead?

The policy that was once the heart of the school choice movement is losing steam. 

Hillary Clinton Gets Brief Preview of 2016 (If She Runs)

Republicans are already preparing for the inevitable demand for anti-Clinton scandals.

Eight Months Until the End of Job Lock

A reminder about one of the best things Obamacare does.

Deficit Reduction Is Ruining America

Unemployment would be significantly lower if we stopped worrying about the debt.