The Rand Paul Filibuster: Raw & Uncut

Links to the transcript, and full video

Will Video Games Save Seniors from Despair?

By the time I get sent to the old-folks home, it had better have a holodeck.

Chávez Rising

With the death of its despotic leader, Venezuela must move to the serious task of repairing its crumbling democratic institutions.

The Internet's Patriot Act

How a bill called CISPA hopes to erase every online privacy law ever written

The Internet’s Patriot Act

How a bill called CISPA hopes to erase every online privacy law ever written.

Few Waves in California

Because of previous cuts, the effect of the sequester in the state will be moderate.

Obama Didn't Cry Wolf on the Sequester

The president has consistently emphasized the long-term dangers of sequestration.

A Tale of Two Filibusters

Today is a big day for the widely-abused Senate rule.

There is No "Fever" to Break

The Republican Party is under the spell of a delusion—this is who they are.

Fake Prostitutes, Fake Terrorists, and the Trouble with Conservative Media

Does the belief that your opponents are corrupt to their very core make actual journalism impossible?

A Blank Check for Israel? Bad Idea.

On the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War, some in Congress are itching for another ill-advised conflict.

Show Me the Policy!

If the GOP wants to solve its identity crisis, it needs a healthy internal debate about what substantive issues it supports.

Bull Market for Stocks, Bear Market for Workers

The health of the U.S. economy should be measured by how many Americans have decent paying jobs, not sky-high corporate profits.

How to Survive a Miracle

A Mississippi baby cured of HIV doesn't mean the fight is over.

Ringside Seat: Thou Shalt Not Govern

The Republican Party should be giving the Virginia governor a gold star. Instead, they've given him the boot.