Lipstick on a Wonk

Paul Ryan is as risky a pick for Mitt Romney as Sarah Palin was for John McCain.

Paul Ryan: Obama's Dream Opponent

Sorry, conservatives: Having the Wisconsonite on the ticket would make it easier for the president to portray Romney as a heartless plutocrat.


The Red Dawn remake comes.

Romney's Health Care Dilemma Returns

Is it possible he has actual feelings about this subject?

But We're Not Muslims!

There is no such thing as "good" or "bad" minorities—racism affects us all.

Ricky Bobby Goes to Washington

Don't watch The Campaign with expectations of high sophistication and deft explanation of political issues.

The Truth about Welfare

Mitt Romney's latest ad perpetuates on several myths about cash assistance for the poor. The Prospect debunks them.

Thrown Away for Being Gay

A heartbreaking letter and a story that's far too familiar

Why Mitt Romney Can't Help But Flounder

He isn't skilled enough to maneuver between swing voters and the Tea Party base.

Lies Are the New Truth

How you defend the indefensible.

It's Official: Vibrators Are Mainstream

No matter what the politicians do, acceptance of women's sexuality is here to stay.

The Point of Super PACs: Looking Rich and Impressing the Ladies

Meet the super PAC whose goal is to raise no money.

Look Past the Turban

Sunday’s shooting at a Sikh temple couldn’t be described as surprising, which is a problem that has plagued our country for a long time.

Dancing with The Mitt That Brung Ya

Conservatives picked him, and now they have to live with him.

Red, White and Untrue: Romney's Big Lie about Military Voting

No, Obama is not trying to restrict military voting in Ohio.