What's Left of Roe

Barack Obama's re-election might make the landmark decision safe for now, but its meaning has eroded over the years.

The President's Fantasy Cabinet

As the president’s second term gets underway, experts and activists look back and weigh in on who Obama should have chosen to serve, if partisan politics (and reality) were no object.

Barack Obama, Student of Power

He's a seasoned leader with four years of impressive accomplishments—who's to say his next term won't be even better than the last?

Obama Emerges with a Win on the Debt Ceiling

Republicans have given up.

Here a Gun, There a Gun, Everywhere a Gun

What we have here are two different visions of what society should look like.

The 13-Year War

As we draw closer to the withdrawal in Afghanistan promised at the close of 2014, a look back at America's longest war.

The President's Running Room—and Ours

With Republicans divided, the president could open up space to move progressive policies. First, the progressive community needs to move him.

Austin Loses Its Hometown Hero

For Lance Armstrong's Texas hometown, his downfall has been about a whole lot more than cycling.

No, We Don't Need More Immigration Enforcement

What we're doing with immigration isn't working. That means we need to reform the system—not pile on more of the same ineffective policies.

Elected by 32 Donors, for 32 Donors

Unpacking 2012 election spending

Movin' on Up

The economy is looking better, but it still needs more juice.

How’s That Medicine Taste, Germany?

Chancellor Merkel is finding that austerity doesn’t work. Will she relent? Will The U.S. learn from Europe’s folly?

Who Has Abortions and Why it Matters

Reproductive rights are necessary for economic mobility.

It's Not Over When the Fat Lady Sings (in Hebrew)

Tuesday's election may only be the start of Israel's political drama.

In the Three Branches, Sharing is Caring

We don't have a strict separation of powers.