Can Obama's Organizing Army Take Texas?

Progressive Texans just might lead a Democratic revival in the ultimate red state. Here's how.

Let's Talk about Tax Reform

Yes, the IRS scandal has nothing to do with the kind of reforms Republicans say they want. But why not start the process?

The End of the Solid South

The region's emerging majority is progressive. Its capitols are more conservative than ever. Something's got to give. 

The Republican Party Is Clearly, Absolutely, Broken

Congressional dysfunction is emblematic of the party's larger problems.

Turkey's George W. Bush?

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is reacting to his country's massive protests much like our 43rd  president did in the face of Iraq War dissent. 

Why Republicans Can't Destroy Obama

All they have is their anger, when what they need is a competent effort to undo the presidency.

Scalia Gets It Right

In Maryland v. King, the Supreme Court has ruled that DNA information can be used from someone arrested for but not convicted of an offense. 

Senator Frank Lautenberg Dies

Chris Christie will appoint his successor; could we see Senator Springsteen?

The Gay Recruiting Myth Dies a Quiet Death

An alleged case of child sexual abuse in Connecticut is blamed on bad parenting—not on the perpetrators' sexual orientation.

Keeping the Grim Reaper at Bay

If you really want to live forever, don't get too excited about the possibility of uploading your mind.

How the Patriarchy Screwed the Starks

How last night’s shocking deaths reveal Game of Thrones’ biggest theme

The Ugly Side of D.C.'s Corporate Bipartisanship

American retailers who don’t want to help Bangladesh in the aftermath of garment-industry disasters are getting cover from the Washington establishment.

Your Next Car Will Be Part Robot

It's already happening, in incremental steps.

Cable News Is a Third of a Century Old

Looking back at CNN's debut

A German Tea Party?

What the popular rise of a new anti-euro political party says about fraying nerves in Europe's economic powerhouse.