Ben Bernanke, the Newest Avenger

Deficit hawks have tried to enlist the Fed chair in the austerity game, but he isn't playing along.

Big Hollywood, Small Toronto

Among big-ticket Oscar contenders, the critic's heart will always be with the overlooked gem.

Following in Chris Stevens's Footsteps

The U.S. should look at the crisis in Libya with the distance of diplomacy instead of falling prey to the political heat of the moment.

Arbitrary Detention Suffers First of Perhaps Many Blows

A Federal judge issued a permenant injunction against part of the National Defense Authorization Act this week.

Long Lives the Arab Spring

Many commenters are ready to declare that democratic movements through the Middle East are over. They are wrong.

Do Reporters Dislike Mitt Romney?

And does it matter?

Libyan Americans Hold a Vigil

After the Benghazi attacks, expatriates worry about the future of their fragile democracy. 

Defenders of the Vote

Can a small army of volunteers prevent hundreds of thousands in Pennsylvania from losing their right to vote?

Praying for the White House

What role will religion play in who wins the presidential election this November?

The Danger of "Scoring Points"

By trying to make Obama look bad, Romney makes himself look terrible.

On Strike in the Windy City

Pictures from the brewing standoff between Chicago teachers and Rahm Emanuel.

Rebellion in Ramallah?

Israel has managed to outsource the occupation—until now.

Rahm's Wedge

Marginalizing unions in Democratic cities is a fine way to bust up the party.

Mitt Romney's Character Problem

The GOP candidate's problems don't stem from miscalculation or even the duff convention in Tampa.

Moving Down

The number of Americans who say they are in a lower economic class is going up.