Diane Ravitch on the "Effort to Destroy Public Ed"

Part 2 of the Prospect's interview with the former assistant secretary of education


Learning the lessons of prior debates too well.

Massachusetts Senate Debate, the Unscripted Version

Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren are no longer playing nice.

To the Spin Room!

Holy baloney, Batman!

Foreign Policy Is Hard

Romney gets seriously vague.

CFPB Catches American Express Breaking the Law

American Express customers will receive $85 million in refunds for deceptive practices

Diane Ravitch Talks School Reform, the Chicago Strike, and the "Testing Vampire"

Part 1 of the Prospect's interview with the former assistant secretary of education

The First Call Is Free; the Rest Are a Fortune.

Pressure mounts for prisons to improve their outdated and costly phone systems.

They Work Hard for the Money

An economic anomaly: Unionized longshoremen and steelworkers experience wage gains to match soaring productivity.

How Obama Beats Romney

The debate answer that could secure the president's re-election

Reaping What Elections Sow

Just weeks before new state legislatures are elected, how can voters assess the sweeping changes ushered in by Tea Party Republicans?

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The latest Bloomberg poll shows the former president on his way to rehabilitation.

Who's to Blame for Mitt Romney?

I have the answer.

Your Credit Score Could Be A Fake

 New research from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau makes the case for greater transparency in credit reporting.

Netanyahu and the Magic Marker

The Israeli prime minister waxes hyperbolic on Iran, overshadowing discussions on the solutions that exist for the Middle East's political woes.