Movin' on Up

The economy is looking better, but it still needs more juice.

How’s That Medicine Taste, Germany?

Chancellor Merkel is finding that austerity doesn’t work. Will she relent? Will The U.S. learn from Europe’s folly?

Who Has Abortions and Why it Matters

Reproductive rights are necessary for economic mobility.

It's Not Over When the Fat Lady Sings (in Hebrew)

Tuesday's election may only be the start of Israel's political drama.

In the Three Branches, Sharing is Caring

We don't have a strict separation of powers.

Obama's Second-Term BFD Agenda

The president has a new opportunity for immigration reform, old business to finish on health care, and fateful decisions to make about energy and climate.

Roe v. Wade Was About ... the Environment?

Millenials don't know much about the historic decision—but, to be fair, they don't know a lot about the '70s to begin with.

Millenials Don't Know Much About Roe v. Wade

It's honestly kind of depressing.

Will Congress Pass Obama's Gun-Control Legislation Proposals?

He signed an executive order with 23 new measures, but the really difficult stuff will require legislation.

Hagel Faces Down the Neo-Cons

Getting the dovish Chuck Hagel confirmed will be another big win for Obama—and for progressives.

President Obama Announces Action on Gun Control with 23 New Executive Orders

A host of measures—and proposed laws—meant to reduce gun violence and increase gun safety.

How Boehner Can Bypass Tea Party Republicans, and Prevent Default

There exists a majority for action in the House, if Boehner wants to build it.

Intelligence Squared U.S.'s Talking Heads

A reporter checks out a live taping of the cult podcast hit, whose new season starts tonight.

The NRA Opens Fire

They've obviously decided that the most effective strategy is to rile up their base.

Aaron Swartz’s Final Code

The death of an Internet freedom activist points to the future of popular resistance.