The NRA Is Ruining Its Reputation

Extremist rhetoric doesn't help.

Debt Reduction Is Hurting the Economy

Washington's obsession with cutting the deficit has resulted in slow growth.

No More Saturday Mail? Blame Yourself.

The Postal Service has a lot of problems, none bigger than our expectations of what it should provide.

A Shiny New GOP?

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor plots out a new direction for the GOP, leaving the details for later.

The Real Debate over Citizenship

Immigration reform is only part of a larger conversation about what it should mean to be American.

An Addictive, Imperfect House of Cards

You might very well think that Netflix's new show is wonderful. We couldn't possibly comment.

Wonder Warren

The senator from Massachusetts is making sure information about foreclosures during the recession gets out to the public.

Citizens? They Want to Be Citizens?

House Republicans join the immigration debate.

Voter Turnout in 2012: Meh

It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse.

The Virginia GOP Just Made Voting More Difficult for Poor People

You can use a gun license to vote, but not a Social Security card.

Can We Live Without the Assault Weapons Ban?

We probably can, if dropping it is the price of getting other measures passed.

License to Kill

A newly released memo shows the Obama administration's justifications for extrajudicial killings

Paul Ryan Is Not a Fan of Electoral Vote Rigging

The Wisconsin representative doesn't see the need for such a scheme.

How the NRA Is Helping to Pass Gun Control

Their extremism could provide just enough of an opening for new legislation to pass.