Why the Republicans Should Go Ahead and Have Their Civil War

This is the perfect time to do it.

The New Gay-Rights Frontier

As gay marriage gets its day at the Supreme Court, activists in New Jersey launch a new offensive in the fight for LGBT equality.

Judging on Color

A few thoughts on racism and "colorblindness"

Cyprus's Big Bluff

Europe's small nations should think about leaving the euro behind, or at least threatening to do so.

Banks Are Too Big to Fail Say ... Conservatives?

Intellectuals on the right are coming around to the idea that our biggest financial institutions could use a little regulation.

Asking Serious People Silly Questions

As usual, journalists can't talk about marijuana without turning into Beavis and Butthead.

Weird Friends of the Court

High-profile cases, like the two gay marriage ones next week, tend to attract crazy amici curiae briefs like Kid Rock songs to a gun rally.

Stuck With Each Other

The religious right can't get away from the GOP, and the GOP can't get away from the religious right.

Visiting Israel, Juggling a Hundred Impossible Expectations

President Obama is visiting the Jewish state for the first time as president, but the trip can’t be a success if he doesn’t temper salutations with a healthy dose of real talk.

War of Cluelessness

Ten years ago, so many people acted like there were no unknowns worth considering, even when they had no idea what they were doing.

Arizona versus the Right to Vote

Supporters of the law claim we need it prevent voter fraud, but Proposition 200's true goal? Disenfranchising minorities.

U.S. Out of Vermont!

Move over, Texas: In the Green Mountain State, it’s leftists who want to secede.

Why Now, Mr. President?

If Obama is coming to Israel to kick-start peace efforts, the timing is right. Otherwise, he should stay home.

Just How Bad Is Television News?

A new report says it's bleak, but maybe things aren't as bad as they look.

The Political Is Personal

It shouldn't take an affected family member to convince a politician to do the right thing.