The Glocks Are Falling! The Glocks Are Falling!

The NRA crowd loves to use the Constitution card when pushing against gun control. Only problem is, their argument doesn't quite work.

Why Liberals Make Better Political Pop Culture than Conservatives

Heaven help me, I'm praising Jonah Goldberg.

An Empty Eighth Amendment Promise

Supreme Court decisions can't always be taken at face value.

White House Reporters versus the Obama Administration

Are they a bunch of whiners, or do they have a legitimate gripe? The answer is yes to both.

Stopping Domestic Violence: A Radical Feminist Idea?

What's behind the opposition to the Violence Against Women Act?

The New Liberals

With an eye on 2016, Democrats decide some aggressive liberalism is good politics.

Homeless, Hungry, Hung Out to Dry

The automatic spendings cuts set to go into effect March 1 will have dire consequences for the most vulnerable Americans. 

A Voice for Climate, 40,000 Strong

Environmentalists take to the National Mall to demand Obama pull the plug on Keystone XL.

Pretty Words, Dismal Economics

There's a fatal flaw with the bold progressive agenda the president is promoting: Paying for it.

On "Emboldening" Republicans

Good decisions seldom come from worrying whether the other side thinks you're weak.

Now Hiring: A Few Good Judges

The D.C. Circuit Court is a critical battleground for national issues that affect millions of Americans. Why, then, is Obama not filling its four vacancies?

Three's a Crowd

The two-party system isn't going anywhere—it's stronger now than ever. 

The Ridiculous, Unprecedented Filibuster of Chuck Hagel

Republicans are breaking with years of tradition in filibustering President Obama's choice for Secretary of Defense.

Explaining the Farce of the Hagel Hearings

Republicans just don't feel much incentive to know a lot about policy when they're in the opposition.

A Valentine's Day Vote for Same-Sex Marriage

As the Illinois Senate gets ready to decide Thursday on a marriage-equality bill, advocates around the country have a lot of reasons to be optimistic.