For Washington, Same-Sex Marriage Was "Worth the Wait"

The state became the first to offer same-sex marriage as a result of a victory at the ballot box this week.

A Small Step for the Fiscal Cliff

... and an even smaller step for the future of the Republican Party

A Small Step for the Fiscal Cliff

... and an even smaller step for the future of the Republican Party

Can the Republican Party Move Back to the Center?

They can; all they need is their own Bill Clinton, or even another George W. Bush.

How to Make Allies and Influence Syria

The fall of the Assad regime looks inevitable. The United States and NATO must step in to ensure a peaceful transition.

Bobby Jindal Makes a Splash with Terrible Ideas

In an op-ed, he endorses a set of policies that would ruin the country's standing.

Forget the Fiscal Cliff—We've Got Other Problems

If we had a functional government, America would address these three problems posing far greater danger to us than the fiscal one.

Exit Jim DeMint. Enter ... Tim Scott?

The first-term South Carolina congressman might become the state's first black senator.

Jim DeMint's Smooth Move

He's going to lead the Heritage Foundation, which should work out quite well, for him at least.

Folks Like Me

Obama should retire his line about needing to pay more taxes, and start focusing more on the mega-rich.

Netanyahu: New Look, More Radical Taste

Come the January 22 Israeli elections, the current prime minister will almost certainly keep his title, but with a sharp turn to the far right. 

Speaker Harry Reid?

Will filibuster reform turn the Senate into the House?

Why Are Chemical Weapons Different?

Do they belong in the same category as nuclear and biological weapons?

An End to Debt Ceiling Shenanigans?

The administration wants to take the debt limit off of the table—for good.

Ryan and Rubio Blow Steam, Stay on Course

The two conservative stars offer a way for the GOP to offer old ideas in a new package.