The Hoodie

Short skirts don’t rape women; men rape women. Hoodies don’t shoot Skittles-toting teenagers; overzealous neighborhood watch guys shoot teenagers.

Newt Just Wants to Help TV Networks

Gingrich says a contested nomination would draw in viewers, but it'd leave Republicans in shambles

Obama Picks Jim Yong Kim for World Bank

Today's Balance Sheet: Obama nominates the Dartmouth College head for the prestigious position.

Geraldo: If You're Black and Wear a Hoodie, Expect to Get Shot

The talk show host blames Trayvon Martin's hoodie for his murder.

Single-Payer and the Supreme Court

Surprisingly, several groups seek to challenge the Affordable Care Act from the left.

The Attack that Will Stick to Romney

The former Massachusetts governor can walk away from everything but the fact that he's a plutocrat.

Now Is the Law of Their Discontent

The biggest arguments against the Affordable Care Act exist far more in the political realm than the legal. 

Precedents for the Unprecedented

The Comprehensive Baseball Bat Act that never quite materialized sheds light on the health-care case.

Etched In Stone, Before Long

Why the Etch A Sketch is spreading.

This Station is Non-Operational

Links for your evening.

Making The Most of $36 Million

Harold Simmons pledges to give Republican super PACs all the money they could want, but where it is spent is all that matters.

Independents Are Still a Myth

A new paper from Third Way disputes the idea that independent voters are a myth. They still are.

Dems Want Obama to Hurry Up His Evolution

Elizabeth Warren calls on Obama to support marriage equality.

Spin Without Limits

Obama's successes are proof of how awesome George W. Bush was, I guess.

"That's Specious Reasoning, Representative"

Arbitrarily classifying a number of murders as not-crimes is a good way to reduce reported violent crime rates, but it doesn't actually reduce violence.