The Matriarch

Remembering Gerda Lerner, one of the founders of women’s history

Vacation Homes for the Rich, Courtesy of Uncle Sam

A new report highlights how much the federal government is spending on real-estate programs—and who's benefitting.

The Last Four Years, and the Next Four

Barack Obama's problem, apparently, is that he has not spent enough time socializing.

How Much Reform Are We Seeing from GOP Governors?

So far, not much has changed about the GOP's approach to policy.

Did Jodie Foster Just Come Out?

Who knows? Who cares?

Bobby Jindal's New Tax Plan Would Be a Huge Blow to Louisiana's Poorest Residents

Jindal wants Louisiana to lead the nation in upwards redistribution.

Lift the Limit on Gun Safety Research

That the limit even exists is, you know, ridiculous.

All the President's Resolve

This is the resolute Obama we’ve been waiting for. But to what end?

Republicans Are Creating Their Worst Nightmare

In the short-term, at least, defaulting on our debt is way worse than accumulating it.

White Districts and White Sensibilities

The problem the GOP has in what its candidates never have to learn until it's too late.

Don't Count on a Sane GOP

What's Obama’s strategy when the debt ceiling has to be raised, if Republicans haven't relented?

The Public Supports Gun Control, But Gun Rights Proponents Are Way More Active

The basic asymmetry of the gun control landscape

Bring Me Your Angry, Your Paranoid, Your Masses Huddled In Their Bunkers...

Glenn Beck announces plans to build an entire city, where the crazy can be contained in one place.

Is the South Really So Different?

It's changing along with the country.

Obama to Republicans: You Have No Choice but to Raise the Debt Ceiling

The president uses the final press conference of his first term to issue an ultimatum.