Invasion of the Climate Deniers

When it comes to denying global warming, America is number one.

Full Employment Is the Best Social Program

The optimistic debate about what could happen in the United States after the unemployment rate goes down

Romney Versus the People

The Republican candidate may have performed well in the first debate, but the audience-participation variable in the town hall may fluster the improvisation-shy candidate.

Refugee Reality Check

Israeli policy on asylum-seekers from Eritrea and Sudan is denial

Mitt Romney Finally Gets a Bounce

For the first time in this election, the Republican nominee is running with the headwinds.

Why Can't Candidates Bring Notes to the Debates?

Because performance is what matters

The Sound of Crickets: Conservative Sites Silent about GOP Voter-Registration Fraud

ACORN's minor offenses became the right-wing scandal of the century. Nathan Sproul's voter-registration fraud on behalf of the GOP elicits absolute silence from the Breitbarts and Drudges.

We're All Values Voters

What voters care about most is that their candidate share the same values—economic and social—as them, something Obama forgot in the first presidential debate.

David Brooks, the World's Most Gullible Man

What do you know, he found the "authentic" Mitt Romney.

B Is for Bad Moderator

The one thing that all pundits can agree on about the first presidential debate: Jim Lehrer was the night's biggest loser.

Obama the Apologetic

What he could have gained by being direct

At Long Last, Romney Shifts to the Center

And not a moment too soon

"And Now Begins the Overreaction."

A roundup of the funniest tweets from last night's domestic policy presidential debate

The Debate in 17 GIFs

The Prospect recaps the face-off between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Romney Wins ... and It Won't Matter

The former Massachusetts governor won the first presidential debate. Too bad it won't change the campaign.