What Democracy Lost in 2012

No matter the outcome, big money and voter suppression crippled the election. This is no way to run the world’s oldest democracy.

We'll Miss You, Sarah Palin

She's finally going away. Really.

The D.C. Circuit Court's Chaos Theory

In Washington, dysfunction prevails.

Chicken Hawk Ted Cruz Smears Kerry and Hagel

The Texas Tea Partier accuses the two veterans of being anti-military.

Why Immigration Reform Won't Save the GOP

Latinos, and other minorities, are mostly Democratic because they are mostly liberal.

Equality of Flying Time

How you and Bill Gates are just the same

Will the GOP Vote-Rigging Effort Invite a Backlash?

It could be just the boost the National Popular Vote needs.

Republicans Decide Voter Fraud Is the Only Way They Can Win

After years of crowing over the danger of voter fraud, the GOP has switched gears and moved full speed with rigging the game.

The Peak of Her Game

We've seen many Hillarys come and go over the years, but the one who faced down the Tea Party was the one she always wanted to be. 

Remember Your Salary Doubling? Oh Wait...

Forget income tax: A wealth tax on the richest 0.5 percent could help save the middle class.

Equality, Brought to You by U.S. Airways?

How you and Bill Gates are just the same

Keystone XL: A Year in Review

What has happened with the pipeline in the year since the Obama administration rejected TransCanada's original permit?

What Killed Filibuster Reform?

Senators have a disincentive for getting rid of the anti-majoritarian rule: It gives them more power.

Fighting Firearms with Firearms

While in most places, curbing gun violence means getting guns off the street, in Texas and other states, it means more guns.

Sam Brownback's Kansas is a Resort Town for "Makers"

Over the last two years, Governor Brownback has transformed the state in a laboratory for ultraconservative policies.