Relax, It's Just a Costume

Blogging about sexy Halloween costumes has become a parody of itself.

Romney's Continent-Crossing Coattails

A guide to Israel's dangerous election

Anti-Obamacare Ballot Measures: Purely Symbolic, Sometimes Ironic

Five states will vote to "ban" Affordable Care Act reforms. The trouble is, they can't.

Manhattan, Shaken and Stirred

Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the East Coast—especially New York City and New Jersey—last night. Here's a collection of photos documenting much of the damage.

Fix the Debt, Destroy the Recovery

Unpacking the economics and the politics of our country's growing austerity lobby

New York Dispatch: "The Place Is Drowned"

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The Politics of Frankenstorm

How the hurricane could affect polling places—and election outcomes.

Considering an Electoral-Popular Vote Split

Would Democrats and Republicans change how they think about the Electoral College?

Colorado: The Florida of 2012?

Colorado's Republican secretary of state strives to make it harder for Democratic-leaning voters to cast their ballots.


Although the election season has been devoid of climate change talk, Hurricane Sandy makes our role in increasingly extreme weather patterns impossible to ignore.

The Most Mysterious Man in the Election

What we know, and don't know, about Obama and Romney.

Nate Silver, Artist of Uncertainty

In the campaign’s last days, a leading political scientist says all hail to the polling guru’s sobering new book about predicting outcomes.

It’s Just Unbelievable to Be Freed

Why some of us may never get over how far lesbians and gay man have come from the old homo version of Jim Crow.

Peeking In on Canada's Election

A Prospect Q&A with Alex Burton, who's running for the Canadian Liberal Party's top leadership slot.

Paul Ryan's Other Opponent

A Prospect Q&A with Rob Zerban, the Wisconsin Dem trying to win Paul Ryan's House seat.