It's Not about the Deficit

The ongoing conflict between Republicans and Democrats has little to do with government spending and everything to do with its size.

Watching Wal-Mart’s Warehouses

Good news and bad news came out of Wal-Mart last week. And it’s the same news.


The Republican Party Is the Problem

The fight over the fiscal cliff was a reminder that the GOP remains the main impediment to economic recovery.

Spare the Stimulus, Spoil the Recovery

Will government continue to support the fragile housing market in 2013?

Get Ready for the Next Crisis

The deal reached by the president and Republicans to avert the fiscal cliff simply puts off the crisis for two months, by which time Democrats will have lost their leverage.

Retrench Warfare

The Democrats won this round of the fiscal-cliff standoff, but now let’s get to the right debate.

A Lousy Deal on the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff

Details of the agreement reached by the president and congressional Republicans are still forthcoming, but from the look of it, Obama gave ground where he need not have.

2012's War on Women

This year featured attacks on everything from contraception to the definition of rape.

SCOTUS in 2012: It Coulda Been Worse

The Court handed progressives a major victory by upholding the ACA, but next year there might be a lot less to celebrate.

What the Attacks on Hagel Tell Us

As the world and U.S. foreign policy have changed, the potential secretary of Defense nominee has adjusted his views—a fact that has the neocons in a dander.

States of Play

This year saw national battles over women's rights, marriage equality, and unions play out locally across the country.

A Cleared Bill of Health

This year saw conservative attacks on reproductive rights, and the ACA make it past the final hurdles to full implementation.

The NRA's War of All Against All

The world is not made up of "good guys" and "bad guys."

For Unions, It Was a Very Bad Year

Major defeats have given labor its goals for 2013.

Obama Appoints Scott Brown as Senator from Massachusetts

With John Kerry in line to become Secretary of State, Brown stands a good chance of becoming senator.