The Dangers of Our Budget-Deficit Minuet

Striking a deal with Republicans on entitlements would be a disastrous start to Obama's second term.

The Future of the White Man's Party

For a glimpse of where the GOP is headed, look to California, where Latinos, Asians, and young people just elected Democratic supermajorities to the state legislature.

The Last Frontier of the Undecideds

Obama won Colorado by 51.2 percent of the vote yesterday, but he didn’t win everyone.

My Kingdom for a Fox!

Shakespearean tragedy unfolded in the conservative media nerve center as Obama's victory was announced, while a wealth of exhausted pundits dominated the rest of cable news.

Party Down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

D.C. descends on the White House for an impromptu block party

The Battle for Voting Rights Isn't Over

The attempts at voter suppression turned out to be no match for civil-rights lawyers and grassroots volunteers. But that hardly means the fight is over.

Why the House Didn’t Flip

Republicans can thank artful gerrymandering for their continued reign of the House of Representatives.

Takeaways from the Votemaster

Abandoning large constituencies is not a winning formula, and other lessons from last night. 

A Grand Progressive Victory

It went well beyond the White House.

Sitting on Top of the Senate

Against all odds, Democrats keep their hold on the Senate—with liberals leading the way.

Fired Up, Ready to GIF

The Prospect sums up the last night of the election and Obama's victory in Internet shorthand. 

Obama Wins the Future

On Tuesday, the most diverse coalition in American history re-elected a president—and announced the arrival of an emerging liberal majority.

Warren: Onto the National Stage

With a commanding eight-point victory, the newly minted senator from Massachusetts becomes the leader of the Democratic Party's progressive wing.

A Letter to Conservatives

Some things for them to think about on the occasion of their defeat

One Giant Leap for Gay Rights

Tuesday's victories for same-sex marriage represent a watershed for the LGBT movement.