Silver Lining for the Ladies

The bad news is that women are under attack. The good news is that they're fighting back.


Links for your afternoon.

With Santorum’s Goofy Views, Why’s Obama Down in the Polls?

Democrats may be fretting about the president's latest approval numbers, but it's the economy that will determine whether he gets a second term.

Internet Killed the Political Party Star?

Politics was a surprisingly big topic at SXSW interactive.

A Home for the Hip Hipster Bashers

The TV show Portlandia is the last stand between the cool and the uncool fedora haters. 

What About Black Republicans?

An addendum on why black conservatives are best positioned as African Americans to win statewide office.

Blame It (on the GOP)

If there's anything to blame for Mitt Romney's problems with Latino voters, it's the Republican Party.

The Campaign Film: A Look Back

Tonight, we get Obama's entry.

The Truth about Goldman Sachs

The investment firm headed south as soon as it started prioritizing short-term gain over its long-term interests.

Hating Wall Street Springs Eternal

Today's Balance Sheet: The Goldman Sachs employee strikes back.

Celebrating the Defeated

Three former Iowa Supreme Court justices awarded for going down without a fight.

A Get-Together to Tear It Apart

The GOP primaries have been more divisive than we realize.

Don't Fear the "T" Word

Raising taxes is supposed to be political suicide. Governors Jerry Brown and Martin O'Malley are proving otherwise.

Time for Government and Public Workers to Be Friends Again

Labor-management cooperation is the key to treading the line between budget shortfalls and unions' demands.

The Horns of Mitt's Dilemma

With his VP nomination choice, he'll have to try to satisfy too many people at the same time.