Today in Reasons to Be Killed If You're Black

An elderly African American veteran is shot for no reason at all.

Don't Wish For Judicial Overreach

Sometimes a devastating defeat is just a devastating defeat.

After the Affordable Care Act

What could happen if the mandate is struck down.

Willful Ignorance

An unnervingly large percentage of white America believes that blacks just need to "work harder" to succeed.

The '90s Are Back!

At the South by Southwest music festival, Millennials and Gen X unite.

It Takes an Election

Rallies can energize supporters of a cause, but rarely do they change policy.

Judges as Defendants, Directors as Judges

The Law in These Parts asks tough questions about the role of the courts in Israeli settlement policy.

Senate Dems in Trouble?

Political scientist's model predicts Republicans gaining a slight majority.

History Lessons

When historian Tony Judt cared passionately about a problem he was able to redefine its terms. Pity he didn't care about a few more things.

Paul Ryan Endorses Mitt Romney

Odds are still good that pundits won't notice the radicalism of either politician.

Single-Payer or Bust

Striking down the individual mandate leaves only one of two options: adopt a system in which government pays for health care, or do nothing.

Waiting for the Real Romney

Is there any there?

Hawaii's Race Back to the Top

After winning a $75 million grant from the Department of Education, the Aloha State has come under fire for not implementing enough changes. Friday ends a four-day visit from the feds to see how things are progressing.

This Station is Non-Operational

Links for your evening.

Someone's Lucky Day

Or maybe their unluckiest.