Don't Count on a Sane GOP

What's Obama’s strategy when the debt ceiling has to be raised, if Republicans haven't relented?

The Public Supports Gun Control, But Gun Rights Proponents Are Way More Active

The basic asymmetry of the gun control landscape

Bring Me Your Angry, Your Paranoid, Your Masses Huddled In Their Bunkers...

Glenn Beck announces plans to build an entire city, where the crazy can be contained in one place.

Is the South Really So Different?

It's changing along with the country.

Obama to Republicans: You Have No Choice but to Raise the Debt Ceiling

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House Republicans Are Seriously Serious

Which is why we could be heading for both a default and a government shutdown

Faster and Faster: The Same-Sex Marriage Momentum

By the end of the year, marriage equality may be the law in five more states.

Embracing the Legacy of Torture

John Brennan's nomination for head of the CIA shows the appalling extent to which the worst abuses of the post-9/11 security state have become institutionalized.

Obama's Genius Defense Pick

The president's nomination of former senator Chuck Hagel forces Republicans to come to terms with the party's rightward shift.

What the Economy Needs Is Growth (But Washington Isn't Talking About It)

Growth comes before deficit reduction, not the other way around.

How You Know Republicans Aren't So Serious on the Debt Ceiling

They acknowledge that default would be a bad thing

Bobby Jindal Decides Louisiana Isn't Doing Enough to Stick it to Poor People

So he plans to eliminate all progressive taxes in the state.

To Stop Rape Culture, Ring the Bell

The campaign to end assault against women must also include men.

The NRA Must Really Want to Lose the Battle for Public Opinion

It's the only thing that explains their current rhetoric.