Marry Me in Maryland?

For a change, the cards are stacked in favor of marriage equality in the state—but it's no sure bet.

In Defense of Paul Ryan's Fake Dishwashing

He did that soup kitchen a favor.

What Does Obama Need to Do Tonight? Defend His Record.

The town hall debate is a perfect opportunity for the president to tell the story of the recovery.

Arlen Specter: A Poor Man's Richard Nixon

From Democrat to Republican to Democrat again, from his fierce opposition of Robert Bork to his cutthroat cross examination of Anita Hill, Specter was always, above all, a politician.

All Due Respect

Why is it that only those who oppose reproductive rights get the pledges of respect?

Five Fool-Proof Tips for Winning a Town Hall Debate

What lessons from debates past should Barack Obama and Mitt Romney learn before tonight's town hall?

Let's Talk about Climate, Mr. President

Nary a mention of the environment came up during the first two debates, despite the fact that American citizens are finally ready to talk about the issue after our long, hot summer.

(Fiscal) Cliffs Notes

The debt, the sequester, and the 2012 campaign

"This Civil War, This Complicated Civil War"

A look at the ongoing conflict in Syria, and whether it's too late for a swift resolution to the growing tensions in the Middle East.

Time to Try the "Romney Is Lying" Debate Strategy

Obama needs to do more than just attack.

True the Vote's True Agenda

The organization obsessed with voter fraud may sell itself as nonpartisan, but its Republican leanings are easy to spot.

A Farewell to Arms, and the United States

Hector Barajas is opening up his home to serve as a safe house for deported veterans like himself, stranded in Mexico, far from the country they served.

Does Mitt Romney Want to Raise Taxes on the Wealthy?

No one seems to have noticed what a populist Romney is, maybe not even Romney himself.

The Questions That Haven't Been Asked

Although Martha Raddatz's moderation of the vice-presidential debate went leaps and bounds above that of Jim Lehrer's, the questions haven't veered far from the insider baseball that leaves pundits cheering.


Democrats—and just as important, President Obama himself—take heart from the Biden-Ryan debate.