4,446 Lonely D.C. Republicans

Republicans, everywhere and nowhere in Washington.

In New York, a Bipartisan Call for Reproductive Rights

Some Republican women in the state legislature are bucking the national party line and demanding the state protect access to women's health care. 

Obama: The GOP Is Crazier Than You Thought

In his latest speech, the president presents the modern Republican Party as a radical aberration from the American consensus.

Video Killed the Radio Star

In which, for sixty seconds, I am talking instead of writing

What's the Point of College?

A critical look at the state of the American university

How Much Longer Until I’m Equal?

Thoughts on the latest in DOMA and marriage equality news

Tennessee Lawmakers Tackle Sagging Pants

Glad to see some lawmakers are investigating important policy areas.

Obama Runs Anti-Romney Ad

Both campaigns are ready to put the primary behind them and get on to the general election fight.

A Truly Ideological Campaign?

Obama's re-election effort ramps up.

U.S. Manufacturing, Just Gangbusters

Today's Balance Sheet

The Other Big Presidential Election

The race to head the French government is heating up.

Paul Ryan's Great Gift to Obama

The Wisconsin congressman's budgets have given the president a chance to assail Republican dogma.

Romney's Veep Calculations

Will he choose an electoral running mate or a partner in governance?

An Unreasonable Search for Justification

The conservative majority on the Supreme Court votes to ignore the Fourth Amendment.

Too Good to Check, Santorum Edition

Ricky runs away with another fantasy.