Let's Talk about Climate, Mr. President

Nary a mention of the environment came up during the first two debates, despite the fact that American citizens are finally ready to talk about the issue after our long, hot summer.

(Fiscal) Cliffs Notes

The debt, the sequester, and the 2012 campaign

"This Civil War, This Complicated Civil War"

A look at the ongoing conflict in Syria, and whether it's too late for a swift resolution to the growing tensions in the Middle East.

Time to Try the "Romney Is Lying" Debate Strategy

Obama needs to do more than just attack.

True the Vote's True Agenda

The organization obsessed with voter fraud may sell itself as nonpartisan, but its Republican leanings are easy to spot.

A Farewell to Arms, and the United States

Hector Barajas is opening up his home to serve as a safe house for deported veterans like himself, stranded in Mexico, far from the country they served.

Does Mitt Romney Want to Raise Taxes on the Wealthy?

No one seems to have noticed what a populist Romney is, maybe not even Romney himself.

The Questions That Haven't Been Asked

Although Martha Raddatz's moderation of the vice-presidential debate went leaps and bounds above that of Jim Lehrer's, the questions haven't veered far from the insider baseball that leaves pundits cheering.


Democrats—and just as important, President Obama himself—take heart from the Biden-Ryan debate.

White House High Rollers

Although we're right to be wary of record-high dark money fundraising in this year's election, don't forget that presidential campaigns remain the biggest spenders on the trail.

The Vice-Presidential Face-Off, GIF-ified

The Prospect sums up tonight's debate in brief, animated form.

Revenge of the Biden

The vice president's spirited performance more than makes up for Obama's failure in debating Romney.

Brown Versus Warren, Round III

Now, that's how you run a debate. 

Will the Munger Kids Kill California's Schools?

California's version of the Koch brothers teams up to defeat Jerry Brown's initiative to tax the rich and save public education.

Stuck in Second-Class Debate Gear

There's a steep price tag for getting a seat at presidential debates, something that third-party candidates are eager to change.