Nine Percent of Pennsylvanians May Not Be Able to Vote for Lack of ID

A new report reveals almost 760,000 Pennsylvania voters lack photo IDs from the state's Department of Transportation. 

What Is Old Is New Again

The 2012 election looks a lot like the one in 2004.

Obama Gets Personal

The election approaches...

Terribly Lackluster

The employment situation is still dismal.

Bury Those Lines!

How Washington can get through climate change without periodically going dark

Graduating from the Electoral College

We've been electing our president the same way for 200 years. Why do some say it's time for a change?

The Myth That Won't Die

No, John McCain was not reluctant to talk about his military service.

Look, up in the Sky! It's a Tax! It's a Penalty! It's a Stupid Argument over Semantics!

The press assumes people are stupid, thereby making them no less stupid.

Romney's "Rich Man" Problem Just Got Worse

Recent revelations about the candidate's offshore accounts highlight his key vulnerability.

A Crack in the GOP's Support for Voter-ID Laws

Michigan's GOP Governor Rick Snyder vetoed his own party's voter-ID bill. Is this the beginning of a new trend?

Romneyland on the Mediterranean

What does having a Bain-style CEO do to a country? Israel has run the experiment, and the results are ugly.

Anderson Cooper Is WHAT?

I know, you're shocked. So here's something even more gaily groundbreaking. 

Mississippi's Threat to Roe v. Wade

Will the case against the state's only abortion clinic make it to the Supreme Court?

Mitt Goes into the Fog

His risk-avoidance strategy may be the riskiest of all.

The Shocking Radicalism of "Brave"

While it isn't flawless, Brave has an impressive satirical eye for a mainstream movie.