Mitt Romney Half-Steps to Obama

The former Massachusetts governor responds to President Obama with nothing but weak sauce.

Charles Murray, the Long View

In 1984, the right's star public intellectual wrote the book that drove welfare reform. Coming Apart is an alibi for his own failed big idea.

Stacked Decks

The Titanic’s surprisingly timely centenary

Romney Is Failed by His Surrogates. Again.

Another admission that the former Massachusetts governor plans to change his tune as soon as the primaries end.

Be Nice to Heather Hurlburt, Ms. Graff's Substitute Teacher

I'll be taking over E.J.'s blog while she's on vacation. A short introduction ...

Republican Pessimism Growing

Has the GOP given up on Mitt Romney?

Romney's Wins Can't Hide His Fatal Flaw

By basing his campaign on the health of the economy, the former Massachusetts governor is vulnerable if and when conditions improve.

Will Connecticut Abolish the Death Penalty?

The state Senate votes Wednesday whether to end capital punishment in a state that's executed one man in the last 50 years.

The Long Moral View

One day, we'll realize who the villains are in today's debate about health care.

I’m Vacating. Don’t You Go Anywhere, Though.

Introducing Heather Hurlburt

It's Done

The math doesn't lie, the GOP primary contest is over.

Just Can't Hide It

Democrats gain enthusiasm as Republican primary drags on.

Auto Sales on the Rise

Today's Balance Sheet

Don't Blame the National Organization for Marriage

The group's race-baiting tactics only work if the gay and African American communities let them.

4,446 Lonely D.C. Republicans

Republicans, everywhere and nowhere in Washington.