Court Stays Clear of Tinkering with the First Amendment

Xavier Alvarez may or may not qualify for mental-health care under the ACA, but the Court at least decides he won’t be going to jail.

What’s So Radical about Same-Sex Marriage?

Part Three in my response to David Blankenhorn’s half-hearted conversion to equality

Peggy Noonan Feels the News

You can't feel it yet, but she does.

Supreme Surprise

Health-care reform survives another near-death experience.

If Texas Doesn't Expand Medicaid, Two Million Will Be Without Options

Yesterday's ruling means they'll have to cross their fingers and hope the state chooses to give them coverage.

On Medicaid, Republicans Explore New Moral Depths

They'd rather see their own citizens uninsured than see them get coverage from the government.

Sometimes a Loss Is Just a Loss

Despite some pundits' quibbles, Chief Justice Roberts's opinion doesn't constitute a win for conservatives.

Give Me Broccoli or Give Me Death!

Scenes from the Supreme Court

What CNN Could Have Done

They missed a golden opportunity.

Roberts's Solution to a Non-Problem

The Court's ruling on Medicaid expansion forbids the federal government from doing something it wouldn't do anyway.

Romney's Other Health-Care Contradiction

The health-care law either kills jobs or will cost employees their insurance—it can't do both.

A Tale of Two Justices

John Roberts joined with the Court's liberals to uphold the Affordable Care Act—but he left a political weapon in his opinion for Republicans to use in the future.

It's Roberts's Court Now

Today's decision on the Affordable Care Act shows that, despite conventional wisdom, Anthony Kennedy is not the guy calling the shots.

Why It's Still in States' Interests to Expand Medicaid

Today's SCOTUS opinion gives states an out if they choose not to extend Medicaid benefits. But they'd still be crazy not to.

Can European Leaders Go Big?

With Spain, Italy, and Cyprus reeling, the stakes are high for the Brussels summit—but Germany stands in the way of broad reform.