Obama's European Socialist Empire

... is a figment of the Republican Party's very active imagination.

Mitt Romney's Implausible Bid for the High Road

After two full days of lying about Medicare and welfare, the Republican nominee criticizes Obama for taking the "low road."

Ryan and Biden: No Catholic Guilt Here

Neither VP candidate looks to Rome for guidance on how to govern, and that's the way it should be.

Paul Ryan's Self-Made Myth

The Wisconsin representative spent most of his life on the government's payroll, but gets cast a modern-day Horatio Alger.

Too Long, Didn't Read My Rights

A new website helps consumers understand legal agreements

Is the Driverless Car Menace 2012's Sleeper Issue?

No, but maybe it ought to be.

The Coming Obama Landslide

How Paul Ryan makes a big win much more likely for the current president

Mitt Romney's Terrible Laugh

It's wince-inducing, and most often deployed when the former Massachusetts governor is lying.

I Know You Are But What Am I? Medicare Edition

Beware Republicans claiming they want to "save" Medicare.

Fast and Furious Returns

Transparency should be the default rule when the White House is contemplating executive privilege.

Back Off, Masculinity Patrol

Decades after women were allowed to wear pants and play sports, the culture is finally expanding its definition of masculinity.

Phony Hawkery

Paul Ryan is no budget hawk.

How to Get Out the Vote in a Voter ID World

Outreach in states with voter ID laws is crucial to make sure all eligible voters can vote, but it's no simple task. 

Curiosity Killed the Space Program

Because of budget cuts and lack of commitment, it may be a long time before we land on Mars again.

Five Things to Know about Paul Ryan's Plan

The public has little idea how radical Romney's VP pick is. Here's what you need to know about his vision for the country.