Why Hasn’t George Zimmerman Been Arrested Yet?

…in which I hope he won’t be charged with a hate crime.

Judging With Double Standards

New research shows that sexism and racism play an unfortunately large role in the evaluation of state judges.

Today in False Black "Pathologies"

"Black-on-black crime" is the inevitable result of geographic proximity, not some unique pathology.

The Return of Earmarks

Republican lawmakers are rethinking their opposition to the sweeteners that make legislation happen.

What Is George W. Up To?

He's not campaigning for Republicans, that's for sure. 

With the Wisconsin Recall Official, Who's Winning?

It looks like it will be a race to the finish—not just between Walker and his opponents but also between the Democrats looking to oust him.

Paul Ryan No Longer Thinks the Military Is Lying

He stepped back his comments from last week on yesterday's Sunday shows.

Poetry As More Than Pretty Words

Katha Pollitt on Adrienne Rich 

Women Flee the GOP

The open attack on contraception has only hurt Republicans with this valuable constituency.

Will Obama Get Blamed for High Gas Prices?

Despite there being little for presidents to do to change gas prices, they often get blamed for them. But is the public getting smarter?

The Employer Strikes Back

In the lockout era, winning union representation is not a one-time thing.

A Grand Unified Theory of Romney

Does quantum mechanics explain Mitt Romney?

State of the Week: The Wisconsin Recall

What's next for Governor Scott Walker and other state news from around the country.

Paul Ryan's "Smoke and Mirrors"

The GOP congressman wants to slash the welfare state, but can't fathom a single cut he'd make to defense spending.