Department of Justice Acts to Prevent Disenfranchisement in Florida

The Obama administration's reaction to illegal voter disenfranchisement may seem like no-brainer ... but remember 2000?

What's Wrong With Politics-Driven Policy?

The Obama administration gets DREAMy.

Where to Draw the Line on Hate Speech?

Jeremy Waldron's new book tries to uncover the best way to tackle hate speech on the legal and policy front.

Will Greece Drop the Mic?

The country's elections on Sunday amount to a referendum on austerity—and could lead to an exit from the euro.

Post-New Deal America Needs Unions

Those who think workers only needed to organize in the bad old days need to face the hard truth: We're living in them.

Obama: Romney Equals Bush

The president has opted to tie the plans of his opponent to the policies of his predecessor.

The Blander Bush

HBO's 41 asks none of the hard questions about George H.W. Bush's uninspired career

Almost Time To Go Back to the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay policy is up for review—and some high-profile members are coming out against it

The State of the Economic Debate

Voters give Obama the opportunity to make his case.

Europe’s Tragic Farce

The continent's leaders are repeating their mistakes with Spain.

The Democrats' Demographic Dreams

Liberals are counting on population trends to doom 
Republicans to a long-term minority. They shouldn’t.

How Should Voter Purges Work?

Florida's latest effort to cleanse its rolls has led to accusations of racism and a suit from the U.S. Department of Justice. But is there a fair way for states to clean up their lists?

Facts? We Don't Need No Stinking Facts.

The New York Times rewards Mitt Romney's deceptions.