Romney's Birther "Joke" Wasn't a Joke.

After weeks of false attacks on welfare, Romney has lost the benefit of the doubt.

Voter-ID Fight Gets Down to the Wire in Wisconsin

Even if the controversial law is fast-tracked to the state Supreme Court, election officials will not be ready to implement it fairly before Election Day.

Norman Mailer Aims for Auteur ... and Falls Way Short

Criterion Collection has released the famed author's not-so-famed entries into the film canon.

His Cheatin' Heart

How should we think about Lance Armstrong now?

The Misogynist Elephant in the Convention Room

"Jobs" will be the talk of the GOP gathering, but at the heart of the party's platform is a fear and loathing of women's sexuality.

Where’s William Jennings Bryan When You Need Him?

Trying to bring back the gold standard—just another sign the current Republican Party isn't quite from this century.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Nutty

What billionaires do with their money.

Racism Plays a Big Part in our Politics. Period.

It's absurd to believe otherwise.

Bill Clinton Strikes Again!

The former president makes his election-year debut with ad promoting Obama.

The Future of Marriage Equality

The Prospect​ tells you what's in store for election day, when three states are slated to consider allowing same-sex nuptials.

Staring into the Void of Mitt Romney

Mustering up outrage over the nothingness that is the GOP presidential candidate's platform makes as much sense as mustering up outrage over a galactic black hole.

Mitt Romney, Sexy Man

What do women want? Mitt, that's what.

Paul Ryan Is Way More Anti-Abortion Than You Thought

The Wisconsin representative has a consistent record of anti-abortion extremism.

Battle of the Romney Plans

Does Mitt’s or George’s approach to raising black student achievement make more sense?