Is the Religious Right in Trouble?

This election was bad for them, but their real problem is long-term.

Greece's Very Real Fiscal Cliff

The tired country's parliament continues to enact austerity measures to ensure Eurozone financial help keeps flowing, to the anger of many affected parties.

Who Counts in Arizona?

For first-time voters, the state's hundreds of thousands of unprocessed ballots could foster distrust in the system.

Hell No, Elmo!

Are intergenerational relationships inherently problematic?

Law Enforcement and Decriminalized Marijuana

What kinds of changes will we see in Washington and Colorado?

Maggie & Me

Achieving disagreement with the former president of the National Organization for Marriage

Note to Obama: Shoot First, Compromise Later

If the past four years have taught us anything, it's that the president should start negotiations with a tough line.

Romney and the 0 Percent

In an exit poll of 200,000 voters, everyone agrees that Romney's policies were in no way geared towards helping the poor.

But One Mitt to Give for His Country

Before he fades away, a look at why he couldn't connect.

Oil: The Bad News in the Good News

The U.S. is on track to become the world's largest producer of fossil fuels, which will only delay our transition to clean energy.

The Time Is Right to Get Rid of the Debt Ceiling

Make it part of any "grand bargain" over the fiscal you-know-what.

Nixon Can't Always Go to China

No, Erskine Bowles is not the man to bring accountability to Wall Street.

Progressives: The Biggest Winners of State Ballot Measures

Things just got good for Washington State's gay charter school teachers, who can now inhale and really enjoy the food at their weddings.

Liberté, Égalité, Homosexualité

When it comes to marriage equality, the French are surprisingly behind the times.

The Business of the Ideological Media Is Business

Why the right may be unable to solve its media problem