Americans Prefer Having Cake, Eating It

Sometimes you have to just ignore public opinion.

Americans Want Out of Afghanistan

A new poll finds the public has grown weary of the decade-long conflict.

One Nation, Not Under God

Even as the GOP candidates tout their Christian credentials, secularism continues to grow in America.

Most Voters Aren't Stupid

Journalists explaining public knowledge of 2012's big issues should take a cue from academics who have been studying this for years.

Why "Obamacare" (the Name) Won't Matter

Believe it or not, we'll stop talking about it in a few years.

Pre-Game's Over. Now Begins the Health-Care Fight.

DAY 1: The Affordable Care Act armageddon arrives in full red-and-blue fury tomorrow. Today was just the opening shot. 

How to Forecast an Election

Flaws in the "fundamentals"-based approach.

A Decision Is Coming

At the first day of hearings on the Affordable Care Act, justices appear ready to make a decision this year rather than wait until 2014.

Will the Supreme Court Duck Health Care?

The Supreme Court has methods of getting out of politically contentious cases, but it doesn't need to wield them for this week's big case.

Dogs and Cats Living Together

Rick Santorum gives us the Obama apocalypse.

Did Virginia Democrats' Budget Gamble Pay Off?

After voting down budget after budget and prompting a special session, the state's Senate Dems seem to have won much of their wish list.

The Supreme Court, Health Care Reform, and Electoral Politics

How might the Court’s decision affect the politics of the issue for the election?

The Hoodie, Part 2

You still think carrying Skittles looks dangerous?

The Party Has Decided on Romney

Republican leaders have finally moved to support the former Massachusetts governor as the presumptive nominee.

Rachel Maddow, the Lovable Wonk

With the release of her latest book, Drift, MSNBC’s biggest 
star shows once again why she's captured the liberal imagination.