Say Hello to President Romney

The unlikely scenario in which the former Massachusetts governor wins the election

GIF Out the Vote

The Prospect animates the Election 2012's key moments.

The President as Metaphor

Every election, candidates stress that the future of the country is at stake. Could it be true this time?

Why the Romney Campaign Screwed Up

They forgot the car companies had their own interests to protect during the Jeep attack mishap.

Don't Marry Me in Minnesota

Why Tuesday will be a roadblock on the state's path to equality

Tuesday Predictions

The status quo, preserved.

Can Unions Stop Romney?

Labor may be divided—but it's a united force in Ohio and other swing states.

The State of the Swing States

Three days ahead of the election, what does the electoral map look like if you average the averages?

In Nevada, Will Demographics Trump Ethics?

Can Democrat Shelley Berkley overcome her scandals to pick up a Senate seat?

Sandy, Why Are You So Blue?

Liberals who think the hurricane won't matter because it primarily affected Democratic-leaning states should think again.

Wisconsin's Red-State Scare

Amid setbacks for progressives, Tammy Baldwin seeks to prove that the Badger state hasn't gone Republican.

Conservatives Confidently Predict Romney Victory

We're all prey to confirmation bias.

I Can Haz Recovery?

The recovery has wings, which will be a huge boost for whoever wins the presidency.

Fix the Debt or Save the Coasts?

The impact of Hurricane Sandy shows the importance of public investment in infrastructure.