A Crack in the GOP's Support for Voter-ID Laws

Michigan's GOP Governor Rick Snyder vetoed his own party's voter-ID bill. Is this the beginning of a new trend?

Romneyland on the Mediterranean

What does having a Bain-style CEO do to a country? Israel has run the experiment, and the results are ugly.

Anderson Cooper Is WHAT?

I know, you're shocked. So here's something even more gaily groundbreaking. 

Mississippi's Threat to Roe v. Wade

Will the case against the state's only abortion clinic make it to the Supreme Court?

Mitt Goes into the Fog

His risk-avoidance strategy may be the riskiest of all.

The Shocking Radicalism of "Brave"

While it isn't flawless, Brave has an impressive satirical eye for a mainstream movie.

Can We Take John Roberts's Word at Face Value?

Conservatives don't seem to be able to.

Our Strange Ideological Divide

When Democrats pursue centrist solutions to problems, Republicans react as though we were all just herded onto collective farms.

Failures of Spin

What Republicans can't say about the uninsured.

LEGOs for Oil?

Buying toys isn't as easy as you might think.

Roberts's Switch in Time

CBS News confirms what we were all thinking—the chief justice changed his mind about the Affordable Care Act decision.

Judges Take On Climate Skeptics

The D.C. Court of Appeals released an opinion last week that protects the EPA's greenhouse-gas regulation from the scorn of those who protest climate-change prevention.

Where Work Disappears and Dreams Die

In Gary, Indiana—the former “Magic City” of industrial might—jobs have left, and so has almost everything else.

Reading the Tea Leaves in the Supreme Court Opinions

Did Chief Justice Roberts change his mind about the Affordable Care Act at the last minute? Whatever happened, it's going to be a long time before we find out. 

Court Stays Clear of Tinkering with the First Amendment

Xavier Alvarez may or may not qualify for mental-health care under the ACA, but the Court at least decides he won’t be going to jail.