Approaching Peak Bitch on Television

TV is overrun with unflattering portrayals of women—where's the uproar?

Romney to Santorum: You're a Loser

Is this appeal going to work with Pennsylvania Republicans?

More Evidence that Populism Works

Now is not the time to move to mushy, centrist rhetoric on deficit reduction.

Making State and Local Taxes Fair Game

Fixing highly regressive tax systems is one of the essential steps in making our country's tax code more fair.

Romney Owns the War on Women

Whether he likes it or not.

The Fruitless Search for the Supreme Court's Rationale

There's little point in trying to ascertain the reasoning the Court will follow if it strikes down the ACA.

What Does Romney Have To Hide?

Senator Dick Durbin goes after the potential presidential candidate's Swiss bank account while Obama campaign manager demands further tax return disclosures.

Today's Unnecessarily Violent Metaphor

Can we just get a hold of ourselves, please?

When $1 Million Isn't Rich Enough

The Buffett bill's modest target

A Glimpse at the "Opportunity Society"

To stop "dependency," conservatives plan to eliminate what little support we give to the very poor.

Is the Obama Campaign Cocky?

Are they underestimating Mitt Romney?

Purpose-Driven Partisanship

Rick Warren, Republican

Putting a Limit on Justice

Why the Supreme Court needs term limits

Washington, We Have a Revenue Problem

Why taxes have to go up—by a lot

Washington, We Have a Revenue Problem

Why taxes have to go up—by a lot