The Belle of the Electoral College Ball

Ohio is being hailed as the state to watch on November 6, and as a result, Lake County has been awash in ads and armies of volunteer convincers for months.

The "Apology Tour" Lives On

No lie is too idiotic or easily refuted to die, if people are willing to keep repeating it.

The Neocons' Long Game

Romney may have backed away from his party's most powerful foreign policy contingent in last night's debate, but don't expect the fuzzy moderate feelings to last if he ends up in the White House.

Bellwether by the Sea

Will Virginia Beach’s historic conservatism or its growing diversity be the story of the election?

Mitt Romney, Language Cop

Watch out, people who say bad things. Romney's coming for you.

A Good Debate, But Will Voters Notice?

Obama dominated tonight's foreign-policy debate, but with the country focused on the economy, it might not make a difference.

Horses and Bayonets and GIFs, Oh My!

Our last animated roundup of the presidential debate season 

Obama's Total Knockout

Barack Obama finished the debate season with a definitive win. Will it matter?

You Are Me and We Are All Together

Obama embraces the "not one of us" attack.

The Third Debate: New Topic, Same Empty Taste

It would be useful to peer into Romney's and Obama's hearts tonight. But we won't be able to.

In Minnesota, Voting Blind on Voter ID

The state's voters will decide whether to require a photo ID at the polls. But they'll get no say in the specifics of the provision.

The Last Debate

Expect Obama to try to focus on Osama bin Laden and the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while Romney tries to steer things toward China.

White Democrats Disappear from the Deep South

If Georgia's John Barrow loses, there will be none left.

Extreme Partisanship: Preserver of our Democracy

No, we can't all just get along—and that's a good thing.

George McGovern: America's Critic and Champion

The former presidential candidate challenged the country he loved while firmly embracing its people.