Considering an Electoral-Popular Vote Split

Would Democrats and Republicans change how they think about the Electoral College?

Colorado: The Florida of 2012?

Colorado's Republican secretary of state strives to make it harder for Democratic-leaning voters to cast their ballots.


Although the election season has been devoid of climate change talk, Hurricane Sandy makes our role in increasingly extreme weather patterns impossible to ignore.

The Most Mysterious Man in the Election

What we know, and don't know, about Obama and Romney.

Nate Silver, Artist of Uncertainty

In the campaign’s last days, a leading political scientist says all hail to the polling guru’s sobering new book about predicting outcomes.

It’s Just Unbelievable to Be Freed

Why some of us may never get over how far lesbians and gay man have come from the old homo version of Jim Crow.

Peeking In on Canada's Election

A Prospect Q&A with Alex Burton, who's running for the Canadian Liberal Party's top leadership slot.

Paul Ryan's Other Opponent

A Prospect Q&A with Rob Zerban, the Wisconsin Dem trying to win Paul Ryan's House seat.

And Best Supporting Zinger Goes To...

There's post-presidential debate strife in Wonkland, but all that counts to the undecided voters that remain is whether the two candidates put on a good show.

Mail In Your Ballot, Cross Your Fingers

A new study shows that votes cast by mail are more likely to go uncounted.

Central Florida's Corridor of Power

The massive Puerto Rican migration into Osceola County transformed Florida politics. Will it lift President Obama to another victory in the largest battleground state?

The Superbabies Are Coming

Maybe not any time soon, but eventually

Did the Tea Party Win or Lose?

They may be discredited, but they were still remarkably successful.

News Flash: This Was Always a Close Election

Obama winning a second term was always meant to be an uphill climb.

Todd Akin: Warrior for the Right

In recent days, it's become clear that the Republican Senate candidate in Missouri doesn't just spew anti-abortion rhetoric: He's acted on it.