Ted Cruz's Deceptive Triumph

Yes, it's a new era in Texas politics—but not the one everybody seems to think.

2004 All Over Again

In which President Obama plays the role of George W. Bush.

Pro-Life Sentences

Republican-controlled state legislatures are passing a wave of restrictions on abortion. Now the courts are backing them up.

Obama: Not Like You or Me

Why Mitt Romney is organizing his entire campaign around "You didn't build that"

Mitt the Likudlican

Romney's trip to Israel wasn't as hide-your-face embarrassing as the one in Britain, but it should be more troubling.

No Such Thing As Good Luck

Or so Mitt Romney thinks.

If Only the President Would Make Speeches, Everything Would Be Different

The bizarre idea that Obama never tried to convince the public on health care reform.

Mitt Romney Thinks You're a Sucker

You don't have accounts in the Caymans? What a chump.

The Deep, Dark Mysteries of Pennsylvania's Voter ID

There is no clear plan to help Pennsylvanians get the ID now required for voting. Does the state want thousands to simply stay home on Election Day?

You Can't Beat Voter ID with Facts

Liberals tend to offer evidence for their policy positions, but what they need is a competing vision.

The Incongruous Olympics

Will the Olympics be a break from Europe and England's problems, or make them more vivid?

The Graceful Ghetto of Women’s Sports

We've become accustomed to seeing female athletes compete in events like gymnastics and swimming, but we're far less comfortable when they play "men's sports."

The Masked Morality of the Batman Trilogy

The Dark Knight Rises is not an easy parable for the political left or right.

It's Not about the Gaffes

Mitt Romney's slips of the tongue aren't the problem: It's what he says when he's thinking.