How Debates Matter

Let's not forget to define our terms.

You're Not in the Debate Minor Leagues Now, Mitt

What we can learn from his primary debates

Another Big Year for the Supreme Court

A roundup of the biggest cases likely to be heard by the most powerful judicial body in the land in the upcoming year

Crying Fraud, Then Creating It

Republicans found themselves the villains of their own conspiracy theories in Florida.

Be Like Bill

The former president understood that debates are not about zingers or memorizing numbers—they're all about stagecraft.

Life of the Party

Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin is not an outlier in the G.O.P. 

Nowhere to Go

There is no brilliant strategy waiting for Romney to use.

Why Don't the Debates Matter?

Most viewers have already decided how they'll vote.

Barry Commoner's Legacy

The visionary environmentalist's four rules of ecology remain urgent and true.

Diane Ravitch on the "Effort to Destroy Public Ed"

Part 2 of the Prospect's interview with the former assistant secretary of education


Learning the lessons of prior debates too well.

Massachusetts Senate Debate, the Unscripted Version

Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren are no longer playing nice.

To the Spin Room!

Holy baloney, Batman!

Foreign Policy Is Hard

Romney gets seriously vague.

CFPB Catches American Express Breaking the Law

American Express customers will receive $85 million in refunds for deceptive practices