How Will Mitt Govern?

A few thoughts on what we can expect from the former Massachusetts governor.

This Should Be Good News for Texas Planned Parenthood (But Isn't)

A judge grants an injunction after lawmakers exclude the organization from the state's Women's Health Program—but if the lawsuit is successful, the state may shut down the whole program.

Paul Ryan and the Cult of Specificity

He may not have facts, but he sure has a lot of "facts."

Austerity in the US!

The states have been "labortories of democracy" for Republican budget policies, and the results have been awful.

Non-Partisans Finally Agree With What Partisans Have Been Saying

Of course it's the Republicans' fault.

How Paul Ryan Escapes Scrutiny

Because of his pleasant demeanor, the Wisconsin congressman is rarely pressed on his radical agenda.

All Good Ideas Belong to Mitt Romney

So says a campaign advisor, who pinned the auto bailout success on the former Massachusetts governor.

Voting Out Austerity in Europe

The elections in France and Greece this week may lead to a reexamination of how the euro zone approaches the debt crisis.

Still Ain't Satisfied: The Limits of Equality

The LGBT-rights movement should fight for economic and social justice—not simply de jure civil rights.

The Death and Life of Detroit

Neighborhood groups are bringing the blighted city back, one block at a time. Will City Hall stand in their way?

Consumer Screwgie of the Day

How gas stations trick you.

What's the Matter with Wall Street?

Why do bankers hate Obama so much, even as he protects their economic interests?

Cool Kids Versus Squares, Continued

How cool is it to be cool?

Trying Too Hard

It's perfectly fine to campaign on a foreign policy success.

Voter ID's $7 Million Ohio Price Tag

Building barriers to the ballot box isn't cheap.