Mail In Your Ballot, Cross Your Fingers

A new study shows that votes cast by mail are more likely to go uncounted.

Central Florida's Corridor of Power

The massive Puerto Rican migration into Osceola County transformed Florida politics. Will it lift President Obama to another victory in the largest battleground state?

The Superbabies Are Coming

Maybe not any time soon, but eventually

Did the Tea Party Win or Lose?

They may be discredited, but they were still remarkably successful.

News Flash: This Was Always a Close Election

Obama winning a second term was always meant to be an uphill climb.

Todd Akin: Warrior for the Right

In recent days, it's become clear that the Republican Senate candidate in Missouri doesn't just spew anti-abortion rhetoric: He's acted on it.

The County that Swings Wisconsin

Racine has voted for George W. Bush, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker—and Barack Obama. Welcome to the nation's most schizophrenic battleground.

Is Persuasion Over?

The ground battle between Obama and Romney heats up, and Obama looks to have an advantage.

In Michigan, a High-Stakes Game for Labor

A constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining rights could bolster unions—or, if it's defeated, weaken them.

The Emptiest Candidate in Presidential Election History

Mitt Romney truly believes in nothing.

"Sustaining a Seemingly Permanent War"

The problem with giving "emergency" powers to the executive branch? Once claimed, they are too rarely surrendered.

Teach for America’s Deep Bench

The education nonprofit is also training the next generation of politicians, who have very specific ideas on school reform.

Moderate Mitt Takes on Israel

Romney's moderate identical twin did some pinch hitting for the Republican presidential candidate at the foreign policy debate.

First Ladies in Waiting

For the spouses of presidential candidates, campaigns have become an extended audition for "America's Wife." That's a bad thing if we ever want a woman president. 

The Belle of the Electoral College Ball

Ohio is being hailed as the state to watch on November 6, and as a result, Lake County has been awash in ads and armies of volunteer convincers for months.