Female Firsts at The 2012 Olympics

A slideshow of women who are taking the year's biggest athletic event by storm.

What Makes An Ad Harsh

It's not just that it makes you feel something.

The Voting Rights Act: A 20th Century American Revolution

On its anniversary, a look at why the Voting Rights Act was one of the most revolutionary laws passed in American history.

The Opposite of American

Yesterday's shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin shows the need to redefine patriotism as respect for religious and ethnic minorities.

Other NASA Firsts

From the first Lunar Orbiter to the just-landed Curiosity Rover, a slide show of great moments in NASA's history.

Bracing for a Hit from Europe

Economic troubles across the Atlantic haven't affected the U.S., but that could change as we head into the presidential election.

Everybody Hates Mitt

This time, it's personal.

Pennsylvania's Other Voter ID Battle

A coalition of groups is doing what you'd expect the state to do: help voters get the necessary ID.

Should Mitt Romney Be Winning?

Conventional wisdom notwithstanding, there's no real evidence to suggest that this is the former Massachusetts governor's race to lose.

Does Spanish Scare You?

Fights about whether we should adopt "English only" legislation have little to do with language.

Mitt Romney Passes Wind

What happens when the preferences of the economic base meet the preferences of the ideological base?

Harry Reid Gets Under Mitt's Skin

Should we feel bad?

Cordray Goes to Congress

House Republicans can’t stop fuming about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.