The Liberal's Gift-Giving Guide

Put off holiday shopping for your left-leaning buddies? We've got you covered.

They're Just Not That into You

Jews are never going to vote for the GOP. So why do Republicans keep trying?

Where Public Opinion On Guns Is Headed

Things have changed because for the first time in years, we're getting an actual debate.

Debating the Chained CPI

Should Social Security cuts even be in the fiscal-cliff talks? An exchange with Robert Greenstein

Robert Bork: All Brain, No Heart

Despite his intellect, the former Supreme Court nominee lacked one quality any good judge must have: empathy.

Obama's Unwise, Unnecessary Concessions

The president can win the fiscal-cliff standoff by simply letting the Bush tax cuts expire and then passing a middle-class cut. Why instead is he negotiating with Republicans?

Robert Bork, Martyr of Incivility?

Despite the outcry Ted Kennedy's grilling of the former Supreme Court nominee sparked at the time, it almost certainly stopped Roe from being overturned.

Speaking Ill of the Dead

What do you say when someone you couldn't stand dies?

The Fundamentals Were Right!

Odds were always good that President Obama would win reelection.

The Social Security Conversation We Should Be Having

Let's stop talking about cuts.

Everyone Is a Taker

That's the conclusion of new research from Pew.

Concealed Carry and the Triumph of Fear

The vision of a society in which everyone is terrified of everyone else.

The Real Barrier to Better Gun-Control Policy

It's not the Second Amendment

Fixing Obama’s Second Term

The president was stymied in his efforts to enact progressive change the first go-around. Here's how he succeeeds this time.

Chairman Summers? Let’s Hope Not

Three reasons why appointing the former Harvard president as Fed chair would be a disaster