Mitt Romney: Still Afraid

That "move to the center" is going to have to wait.

A Black Cloud Over the Ballot Box

The battle over voter ID

Newton Gingrich's Passage to Power

Newt's political career may be over, but Mitt Romney is little more than Gingrich-lite. The legacy of the former speaker goes on.

How Romney Brilliantly Summed Up GOP Ideology in a Single Sentence

In short, "I don't care and it's not my problem."

"Don't Say Gay" Bill Prompts Lawmaker to Say He's Gay

Zach Wyatt not only announced his opposition to a bill banning almost any discussions of sexuality in school—he also came forward with his own story.

Don't Adopt from Ethiopia

When large amounts of money are exchanged between a wealthy country and a poor country, here's what happens.

By All Means, Politicize the Bin Laden Killing

The difficulty of predicting the next presidency necessitates it.

Chill Out. Romney's Not Picking a VP for a Long Time.

If he follows past trends, there won't be any announcement until August.

The "Catholic Vote" is Tautological

A clear look at the data shows that there is no such thing.

"Friends," By Which He Means Not Really Friends

Showing you're not human in small ways.

Romney's Distasteful Spin

Campaign desperately doesn't want to be labeled unwelcoming to gay people, but it's too late.

What Real Government Waste Looks Like

It doesn't look like $823,000.

The Endless Arrogance of Wall Street

The super wealthy apparently believe that they deserve constant deference.

TV Ads Are Not All There Is to Presidential Campaigns

So don't worry too much about negativity.

Game's the Same, Just More Fierce

Negative campaigning is nothing new in American politics.