The Uses and Limits of Knowledge About Guns

Some details are important, but people who know a lot about guns have no more moral claim to a voice in this debate.

When Assad Dropped the Façade

It's hard to believe, but Bashar al-Assad once presented himself to the world as Syria's modernizer.

Putting the NRA on Defense

Finding solutions to our problem with guns in America doesn't start with the weapons themselves, but with the culture that worships them.

Social Security: Will Obama Cave?

The deal between the White House and the GOP includes changes to the cost-of-living formula that amount to needless cuts for seniors.

Guns Are Different

So why can't we treat them that way?

Still No Strong Links Between Video Games and Violence

Everything on the subject is hazy.

What Do You Tell the Children?

For their mental health, and for our own

Republicans Float Plan to Make Electoral College More Unfair

Distributing electoral votes by congressional district

Taking the Broad View on Guns

It's not just about the 20 children killed in Newtown, it's about the 30,000 Americans killed with guns every year.

Even America's Safest Places Need Better Gun Control

None of us is safe until we're all safe.

While You Weren’t Looking, Michigan Turned Into Texas

From abortion, to guns, to unions, the legislature used the lame duck session to shuffle the state to the right.

Newtown: A Midnight Letter

At what point do we take responsibility for our national character?

Refuge Beyond Reach

Australia's debate on asylum seekers shows how easy it is for politicians to appeal to fear of invading hordes.

A National Gun Policy: Here Is Where We Start.

Three ways we can make shootings like the one in Newton, Connecticut less likely to happen

A History of Violence

Our best pieces on guns and gun policy