Free Speech Weirdness from Overseas

Imagine if the government started policing Rush Limbaugh's facts.

Salad Days for the Gun Industry

It's the best of times if you're a gun manufacturer.

Georgia's Bitter Charter Battle

Will voters create a $430 million charter-school commission when school budgets are already suffering?

And On to the Next Pseudo-Issue We Go

Libya? Who cares?

The Stronger Argument against DOMA

The Second Circuit strikes against the DOMA, bringing it that much closer to the Supreme Court.

Holding the Stick

The National Hockey League's low-ball contract offer could cost a lot of games, and a lot of communities their seasonal income.

What Mitt Romney Will Actually Do On Abortion

Don't let the new moderation fool you; nothing has changed.

Voting While Trans

A man walks into a polling place. The rolls list him as female. Can he vote?


12 Million Jobs and a Unicorn!

In other words, the Romney plan for economic growth

It's All In the Words

The silliness of Romney and Obama's argument about Libya

No, Candy Crowley Did Not Show Any Favoritism

The definitive accounting, I hope

Direct Democracy, for Billionaires

In a classic case of unintended consequences, these mechanisms for popular power are routinely used by the rich to change state laws.

Obama Said Knock You Out

The president scores a big win at last night's town hall debate.

A Binder Full of Beers

Denver Republicans check in to see if Mitt Romney can sustain his momentum in the second presidential debate.

A Bumper Crop of Pot Referenda

Will this be the year a state legalizes recreational marijuana or medical marijuana arrives in the South?