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From abortion, to guns, to unions, the legislature used the lame duck session to shuffle the state to the right.

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At what point do we take responsibility for our national character?

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Australia's debate on asylum seekers shows how easy it is for politicians to appeal to fear of invading hordes.

A National Gun Policy: Here Is Where We Start.

Three ways we can make shootings like the one in Newton, Connecticut less likely to happen

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War At Home

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Obama, Crying

Before you take issue with the president's tears, remember that Obama's empathy is always what made him seem most presidential.

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Rice Takes Herself Out

Mark Landler, we have a bridge to sell you.

Hillary's Burden

Other female politicians might be able to run for president and be the victim of a limited amount of sexist vitriol, but not her.

Drinking the Deficit-Reduction Kool-Aid

Obama was re-elected on a platform of creating jobs. Why is this not the focus of the fiscal-cliff talks?

The Case for "Four More Years"

Term limits sound like a nice idea, but they have the net effect of shifting power from elected represenatatives to bureaucrats and lobbyists.

Joe Lieberman Does Not Deserve Your Sympathy

The Connecticut senator earned his isolation.