There's No Such Thing as Non-Political Politics

Former Nebraska senator Bob Kerry is making a pitch for a non-political Congress. It's silly.

Evenly Matched

Two new polls show that the presidential race is a complete dead heat.

It's the Economy, Smartypants

If Mitt Romney knows so much about the economy, where are his new ideas?

Marchons, Marchons!

François Hollande's victory in France offered a stiff rebuke to Germany's austerity regime, but the new president faces challenges in delivering on his campaign's pro-growth rhetoric.

Obama's Untenable Position on Same-Sex Marriage

Every Democrat around him is endorsing marriage equality. When will the president follow suit?

Do the Right Thing

Why President Obama should support same-sex marriage before the election.

Are Women the Richer Sex?

I don't think that means what you think it means. 

A Sad Day for Our Democracy

Partisan politics aside, it's disgraceful that we've empowered lawmakers to disenfranchise our fellow citizens.

The Problem of Motive Questioning

It's everywhere, and it's poison.

Fear of a Black Polity

What the "Obama as affirmative action candidate" narrative tells us about African Americans and political participation.

Today in Needless Mendacity

The Romney campaign's response to today's jobs numbers.

You Know Who Else Had Six Letters In His First Name? Hitler.

Right-wingers get vicious and nutty, nobody gets too upset.

Romney's Greatest Asset

Above all, the former Massachusetts governor seems competent, and that's what voters want.

Look to the Revisions!

The real story in today's jobs report is the higher-than-reported job growth of the previous two months.

Mitt Romney: Still Afraid

That "move to the center" is going to have to wait.