The Media Whinefest Commences

If reporters think the campaign is boring, they should do something about it.

Poll Spells Trouble for Iowa Judge

Will another state supreme court justice fall victim to Bob Vander Plaats's campaign?

Nine and a Half Conventions

The Prospect's editor-at-large reflects on a time when the Democratic gatherings were more than just a media show.

The Political Education of Elizabeth Warren

Supporters of the Massachusetts Dem thought she had a lock on Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat. 
But the campaign has proved that’s far from true.

The RNC Convention TV Ratings In Historical Perspective

Low, but not the lowest ever.

Torture Without Accountability

Why hasn't the Obama administration tried to prosecute any Bush-era torture crimes?

A Convention of Bootstrap-Pullers

Which tells us absolutely nothing about their policies.

What Romney's Speech Didn't Do

It probably won't change anything.

Gabby Douglas: No Poland Spring Girl

Racial stereotypes keep the gold medalist from the choicest endorsement deals.

Chasing Swingers, Not Specifics

The Republican convention sought to convince swing voters—all evidence to the contrary—that the party does not hate women, minorities, and the poor.

Pennsylvania Has a New Voter ID Option—But Serious Burdens Remain

The new "card of last resort" means everyone in the state can get an ID—but that hardly solves all the problem's with the state's strict requirement.

Did Hubris Kill Texas's Photo ID Law?

A panel of judges rejects a discriminatory law—and Texas Republicans have only themselves to blame.

The Hidden Candidate

Mitt Romney wants to be president, but he doesn’t want us to see him.

Obama and the Two Virginias

The president's visit to Charlottesville brings out the two sharply different demographics fighting for power in the state.

Fact-Checkers Are No Match For Romney and Ryan

If you don't care whether you get called out for lying, you'll keep on lying.