Democrats—and just as important, President Obama himself—take heart from the Biden-Ryan debate.

White House High Rollers

Although we're right to be wary of record-high dark money fundraising in this year's election, don't forget that presidential campaigns remain the biggest spenders on the trail.

The Vice-Presidential Face-Off, GIF-ified

The Prospect sums up tonight's debate in brief, animated form.

Revenge of the Biden

The vice president's spirited performance more than makes up for Obama's failure in debating Romney.

Brown Versus Warren, Round III

Now, that's how you run a debate. 

Will the Munger Kids Kill California's Schools?

California's version of the Koch brothers teams up to defeat Jerry Brown's initiative to tax the rich and save public education.

Stuck in Second-Class Debate Gear

There's a steep price tag for getting a seat at presidential debates, something that third-party candidates are eager to change.

Could the VP Debate Be a BFD?

If Joe Biden is in top form tonight, his vice presidential debate face-off with Representative Paul Ryan could be memorable—but don't expect it to alter the course of the election much.

Joel Klein's Misleading Autobiography

What the former chancellor of New York City schools' sleight of hand tells us about education reform

What's the Truth about True the Vote?

The conservative watchdogs of "ballot integrity" may have more bark than bite.


Nine years ago, the Supreme Court affirmed the value of cultivating a diverse student body. Don't expect it to remember that this time around.

Scott Brown: Pro-Choice for Limiting Abortion Access

While the Massachusetts senator will claim to support women’s reproductive health in the third debate against Democrat Elizabeth Warren tonight, his record shows the opposite.

Non-Religious Voters Getting Even More Democratic

The reason? The unremitting hostility of Republicans

Obama: Giving Away Social Security

The president's position on retirement benefits is indeed almost identical to Romney's—and that's no good thing. 

Sorry Feminists—NOT!

A Twitter meme pokes fun at the stereotype of feminists as unsexy.