The "Catholic Vote" is Tautological

A clear look at the data shows that there is no such thing.

"Friends," By Which He Means Not Really Friends

Showing you're not human in small ways.

Romney's Distasteful Spin

Campaign desperately doesn't want to be labeled unwelcoming to gay people, but it's too late.

What Real Government Waste Looks Like

It doesn't look like $823,000.

The Endless Arrogance of Wall Street

The super wealthy apparently believe that they deserve constant deference.

TV Ads Are Not All There Is to Presidential Campaigns

So don't worry too much about negativity.

Game's the Same, Just More Fierce

Negative campaigning is nothing new in American politics.

Netanyahu Wags Washington

The Israeli government stops pretending that it doesn't establish new settlements.

The Beginning of the End in Afghanistan

President Obama announces the drawdown of troops in the long-occupied country.

The Wonder of TV Debates

Paul Krugman shakes his head.

Apparently, You Can't be Gay and Work for Romney

The resignation of Richard Grenell is a sign that the former Massachusetts governor will cave to anti-gay forces.

Virginia Is Still Obama Territory, For Now

The president is doing very well in the Old Dominion.

Romney Accuses Obama of Being Romney

The former Massachusetts governor has accused the president of taking from the poor to give to the well-off.

Why Romney Won't Pick Condi

Republicans won't make it that easy for Democrats to relitigate the Bush years.

Mitt Romney, Not Quite As Tough As Jimmy Carter

What Carter really did.