Self-Driving Cars Can't Come Soon Enough

The technology is closer than you may think.

The Reactionaries Were Right!

Birth control has changed the traditional role of women. But this is a good thing.

Is Roe v. Wade Really Still the Law of the Land?

Dr. George Tiller's successor hasn't helped any woman terminate a single pregnancy, and it's not because of the death threats.


Links for your afternoon.

Europe Teeters on the Edge

Today's Balance Sheet: The times are good for one percenters.

Crazy Idea: Laws To Encourage Voting

Connecticut has taken the lead in proposing measures to increase voter turnout by—get this—making it easier to vote.

Obama, Black Voters, and Same-Sex Marriage

Will the president alienate African Americans if he adopts a more liberal stance on gay marriage?

When Do Reporters Start Calling Mitt Romney a Liar?

Because he's been lying quite a lot.

Taxpayers Shouldn't Have to Pay for Your Tornadoes!

Ohio Governor John Kasich said "no thanks" to federal disaster relief this week.

Romney's Spine, Or Lack Thereof

The former Massachusetts governor's fear of a right-wing backlash does not bode well for his general election campaign.

Tinderbox in Israel

Discrimination against Palestinians in the country is reaching frightening levels. 

When in Doubt, Spend

As long as we’re dealing with low-information primary voters, money has an amazing power to influence the polls.

No Room Here for Moderates

Even if Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination, the 2012 campaign is all about the power of the right.

Ohio a Game Changer? Please.

The swing state isn't Romney's make-or-break moment. It just reaffirms that he has the goods for the long haul.