Can Journalists Stand Up to a Candidate's Lies?

Maybe, but probably not.

In Iowa, a Big To-Do over "I Do"

Can progressives stop conservatives from bringing down judges who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage?

The Worst-Ever Attempt at Swiftboating

Attacking a sitting president as weak is not the best idea, especially when he ordered the attack that killed Osama bin Laden.

Medicare Myths, Debunked

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns say the other is trying to destroy Medicare. They can't both be right.

The Trouble With a Campaign About "Issues"

It can be just as negative, if not more, than a campaign about personalities.

Playing Defense on the Sequestration Battle

As January 1 draws near, expect doomsday predictions about big national-security cuts to ramp up. 

Voting Rights Lose in Pennsylvania

Next stop for the voter-ID lawsuit? The state supreme court.

Obama's European Socialist Empire

... is a figment of the Republican Party's very active imagination.

Mitt Romney's Implausible Bid for the High Road

After two full days of lying about Medicare and welfare, the Republican nominee criticizes Obama for taking the "low road."

Ryan and Biden: No Catholic Guilt Here

Neither VP candidate looks to Rome for guidance on how to govern, and that's the way it should be.

Paul Ryan's Self-Made Myth

The Wisconsin representative spent most of his life on the government's payroll, but gets cast a modern-day Horatio Alger.

Too Long, Didn't Read My Rights

A new website helps consumers understand legal agreements

Is the Driverless Car Menace 2012's Sleeper Issue?

No, but maybe it ought to be.

The Coming Obama Landslide

How Paul Ryan makes a big win much more likely for the current president

Mitt Romney's Terrible Laugh

It's wince-inducing, and most often deployed when the former Massachusetts governor is lying.