Tennessee Travels Back to 1925

A debate over whether schools could teach evolution erupted in the state nearly a century ago. Now, the state government is rehashing the same battle.

Verrilli's Courage Under Fire

Despite conventional wisdom on the left that the U.S. solicitor general buckled under attacks from the Supreme Court's conservative justices, he in fact stood his ground.

Where Hating Liberals Leads

If liberals are distressed at Trayvon Martin's killing, conservatives are just going to have to go after the teenager.

This Station is Non-Operational

Links for your evening.

Brown vs. Mandel

Rasmussen's latest poll shows Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown tied with Republican challenger Josh Mandel, but it's hardly time for Democrats to panic.

The Unsurprising Possibility that the Court Could Strike Down the ACA

The legal health care battle is foremost a political match, which means precedents don't matter quite as much.

More God Stuff

A discussion about the secular movement.

History Lessons

There are good reasons for why the death of Trayvon Martin has sparked outrage among African Americans.

Drug Tests for Everyone!

First it's the welfare recipients, then the state workers, and now, in Colorado, maybe even state legislators. 

Today in Facts About Black People

Jonah Goldberg doesn't know as much as about black life as he presumes.

Will Marco Rubio Win Latino Votes? Probably Not.

Republicans shouldn't bank their hopes for winning Latino voters on the young Florida senator.

"All of the Above" on Energy

Today's Balance Sheet: New developments on the energy front

It's Only Okay If You're Mitt Romney

The former Massachusetts governor criticizes President Obama for mimicking his campaign strategy.

Americans Prefer Having Cake, Eating It

Sometimes you have to just ignore public opinion.

Americans Want Out of Afghanistan

A new poll finds the public has grown weary of the decade-long conflict.