Mitt Romney's Fantasy World

In his victory speech last night, the former Massachusetts governor offered a startlingly dishonest take on the last three and a half years of the Obama presidency.

What Kind of Girl Are You?

Transgender and gender-nonconforming employees finally get some protection. 

Neither Obama nor Romney Do Much to Help Students

For all the partisan sparing, both candidates have small-bore proposals for dealing with the student loan crisis.

I'll Take Republican Talking Points For $100 Alex

Democrats are just trying to keep the safety net stable.

Putting Romney In a Box

Congressional Democrats lend Obama a hand

More on Romney and Young Voters

The former Massachusetts governor faces a big deficit with Millenials.

Unpredictable Predictions

Fortunately, there's little price to be paid if you're wrong.

With Rubio or Without Him, Latinos Don't Like the GOP

The Florida Senator does nothing to help Romney's performance with Hispanic voters.

Romney vs. Congressional Republicans

Who takes the lead on legislative battles?

Romney Shifts His Target to Young People

The former Massachusetts governor is trying to peel a core Democratic constituency from Obama.

The Joys of Recession

Full employment would solve many of the problems of the financially strapped Social Security and Medicare programs.

The Case of the Vanishing Middle Class

Timothy Noah's The Great Divergence deftly explores the roots and resurgence of American inequality.

Exporting the Anti-Gay Movement

How sexual minorities in Africa became collateral damage in the U.S. culture wars

Media Bias Revealed

And it's not ideological.