Obama Rallies the Planned Parenthood Troops

And jabs at Mitt Romney's plan to defund the women's health organization

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Links for your evening.

Anti-Abortion Measures Die with a Whimper

Measures restricting abortion access are dying in some states with little fanfare.

Obama Administration Oddly Scandal-Free

The Solyndra investigation comes up empty.

Jobs versus JOBS: Obama’s Mixed Message

The administration capitulates to Wall Street yet again.

Republican Grassroots Trust Establishment Over Themselves

43 percent of Republicans say they want to ignore the primaries and caucuses.

Single Payer Is Doomed Too

If the Affordable Care Act is overturned for partisan reasons, there's nothing to stop the Court from doing the same to other reforms.

Voters Pre-Disappointed In Mitt Romney

Fewer superfans means lower expectations.

The Problem with Silence

The president's long refusal to talk about the Affordable Care Act has not done any favors for the law.

The Best Signs from Yesterday's Tea Party Rally

What happens when Tea Partiers descend upon the Capitol to protest Obamacare.

No One Likes Mitt Romney

The former Massachusetts governor is unpopular with well, everyone.

Son, You Could Be Trayvon

Members of marginalized groups learn to shield themselves against racism, sexism, and homophobia. But how does one prepare a child for the world's prejudice?

Tennessee Travels Back to 1925

A debate over whether schools could teach evolution erupted in the state nearly a century ago. Now, the state government is rehashing the same battle.

Verrilli's Courage Under Fire

Despite conventional wisdom on the left that the U.S. solicitor general buckled under attacks from the Supreme Court's conservative justices, he in fact stood his ground.

Where Hating Liberals Leads

If liberals are distressed at Trayvon Martin's killing, conservatives are just going to have to go after the teenager.