B Is for Bad Moderator

The one thing that all pundits can agree on about the first presidential debate: Jim Lehrer was the night's biggest loser.

Obama the Apologetic

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At Long Last, Romney Shifts to the Center

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The Prospect recaps the face-off between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Romney Wins ... and It Won't Matter

The former Massachusetts governor won the first presidential debate. Too bad it won't change the campaign.

Obama: Game Off

The president didn't just play it safe during Wednesday's presidential debate; he didn't play at all.

First Round to Romney

In Wednesday's debate, Obama made the same error he made at the beginning of the health-care fight: He failed to stand his ground for fear of appearing too partisan.

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The Prospect's best pieces on the domestic policies of the incumbent president and his challenger

How Debates Matter

Let's not forget to define our terms.

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Another Big Year for the Supreme Court

A roundup of the biggest cases likely to be heard by the most powerful judicial body in the land in the upcoming year

Crying Fraud, Then Creating It

Republicans found themselves the villains of their own conspiracy theories in Florida.

Be Like Bill

The former president understood that debates are not about zingers or memorizing numbers—they're all about stagecraft.

Life of the Party

Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin is not an outlier in the G.O.P.