Santorum Finds Fertile Ground in Tennessee

Things look good for the former Pennsylvania senator in the Volunteer State.

Cheering on the Nightmare Scenario

Getting rid of the filibuster is something to wish for, not to fear. 

A Supreme Court Prediction

I boldly go on record.

May the Best Candidate Win?

Yes, almost always—and that's bad news for Romney.

The Single Worst Thing That Could Happen to Liberalism

A very likely outcome if Republicans win in 2012

Do You Know What Your Voter Wants to Hear?

A new tool shows what campaign ads work with certain demographics.

Do Women Count?

Apparently, not in the news media.

It's All About Newt

The former House speaker's candidacy has a huge bearing on how Rick Santorum performs on Super Tuesday.

Fighting With or Without the President

Democracy for America builds a progressive coalition in the states as November approaches.

Olympia Snowe and Americans Elect

Will the retiring Maine senator become the Americans Elect nominee?

McMansions on the Cheap

Today's Balance Sheet: Housing prices dropped to 2002 levels in December. 

Pirates of the Corporation

The Supreme Court considers whether corporations can be sued for violations of international law.

Soft Bigotry, Meet Low Expectations

Mitt Romney "won" in Michigan because he didn't lose.

Obama Smash!

In his most aggressive speech yet, President Obama lays out a blistering attack on Republican ideas.

Virginia Passes Sonogram Bill After All

Protests and national attention couldn't stop legislators from ushering ultrasound legislation through the statehouse.