A Scary Guide to the GOP Tax Plans

We rate the Republican candidates' tax plans on a creepy Herman Cain grin meter.

Can't Hardly Wait

Teens push to lower the voting age.

DOJ Might Strike Down Photo ID Laws

Eric Holder indicates to members of Congress that restrictive voting laws will be tossed out.

Help! I Married a Jock!

Sports, art, and the pursuit of excellence

The GOP's Broken Record

Remember how the Bush tax cuts saved us from the recession? Oh wait ...

Moment of Conception

How a radical anti-abortion movement matured

The Impermanent Majority

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Climate Control

As their ranks diminish, global warming skeptics target scientists

Running Out the Clock on Government Regulations

House bill could hamstring important protections

Campus Cash

Teacher evaluations are becoming big business for private companies

Iowa Conservatives Still Searching for a Candidate

Evangelical leaders slow to endorse presidential candidates.

Occupy Wall Street's Race Problem

White protesters need to rethink their rhetoric.

Occupy the Web

Sociologists Neal Caren and Sarah Gaby of UNC-Chapel Hill crunch the data on #OWS's spread on Facebook.

Batman the Gentrifier

In real-life, the superhero's do-gooding would push all the poor people out of Gotham.

The NYPD: A Movement's Best Friend

Occupy Wall Street's confrontations with police and politicians have only fueled the protest's growth.