Don't Blame Gerrymandering

Drawing congressional districts to favor one political party doesn't lead to higher incumbancy or gridlock.

The Showman

This "lost" interview shows Steve Jobs as an incredibly charismatic figure.

The Elephant in the Room

How abortion became a nonissue for Republican candidates.

Crazy People Running for President

Michele Bachmann is making me sad.

Occupy Wall Street: Seattle Redux?

Could yesterday's day of action build a broad progressive coalition?

Roe v. World

It's a myth that the Supreme Court got ahead of public opinion when it legalized abortion in 1973.

Not Heritage, Definitely Hate

Thoughts on the Confederate flag.

Stick a Fork in Him

Rick Perry's donors disappear on him, taking his last hopes with them.

Now What?

Occupy Wall Street faces the future post-Zuccotti Park.

Evidence Tampering

Media grasps at straws trying to find proof that support for Obama's second term is faltering.

How to Make Congress More Corrupt

The Texas governor's plan for a "Citizen Congress" would de-professionalize lawmaking.

Why We Need Occupy Wall Street

The protest has at last brought on a national discussion about income inequality.

Exit Berlusconi, Enter Uncertainty

The prime minister's resignation may not be enough to protect Italy from contagion.

Health Care Supreme

The three key questions to ask about the Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act

The Court Will Rule—and Then?

No matter the outcome, a judicial review of the Affordable Care Act can only hurt Democrats.